Free v019

How are free v019 calls charged?

Every time you make a call to any of the 20 destinations, the calls will be deducted from both your local bundled minutes and v019 bundled minutes (700). Excess minutes will be charged based on local call charges under your mobile plan (if you exceed bundled talktime) and payable v019 at prevailing rates (if total v019 calls is more than 700 mins) based on calling destination. Please refer here for latest prevailing rates.

For example, a call to India at 12.30pm is charged at 93 cents per minute and excess local calls are charged at 16.05 cents per minute.

Who is eligible to sign up for this Free v019 add-on?
All mobile plans are eligible to sign up for this add-on. However, customers who are on unlimited talktime plan will have a cap of 700 minutes free v019 calls.
Can I terminate v019 VAS anytime? Is there any penalty?
There is a minimum subscription of three months. In case of termination before this, three months’ subscription will still be billed. Pro-rated billing charges apply if the service is terminated after the third month. 
Is the bundled Global SMS applicable to all destinations?
Yes, the Global SMS applies to all destinations. 
How much does it cost to send a Global SMS once I have exceeded the bundle?
Singtel Mobile subscribers will be charged 18 cents per message sent to an overseas destination. Messages received from overseas subscribers are free.
Can a MobileShare line subscriber apply for v019? What are the charges and will the MobileShare line be able to share the outgoing minutes with the main line?
A MobileShare line subscriber can apply for v019 only when the main line is already subscribed to v019. The supplementary line shares the outgoing minutes from the main line and any excess outgoing minutes apply on prevailing rates.