What should I do when I need to relocate the Singtel Distribution Point?

Contact Singtel via the following methods:

  1. Call 1688
  2. Call Singtel Outside Plant Engineering Department (A&A) at 6342 5952 or email g-opeaa2@singtel.com
What is the process of installation?
Upon the home owner’s notification, Singtel will initiate a site survey and advice on what shall be carried out. If relocation of existing infrastructure (pipe & cable) is needed, Singtel will send the quotation letter to the home owner. Upon receipt of Cheque, Singtel will engage relevant authorities like Power Grids, NParks and Land Transport Authority for approvals prior to excavation in order to connect the new lead-in pipe provided by the home owner from the gate pillar to the manhole.
How long would the installation take?
Typically 6 to 8 weeks time.
What do I need to prepare before the installation?
What do I need to prepare before renovation?
Home owners are required to submit their home building plan to Building and Construction Authority (BCA) for approval.
If the Singtel DP and cable have been shifted or tempered with during the renovation, what should I do?
Home owners will need to inform Singtel so that a site survey can be arranged to assess the situation. Singtel will then advice accordingly on what will be required.