Premium Rate Service (PRS) Barring Service

What is PRS Barring Service?
PRS Barring service allow customers to bar a specific mobile number from subscribing to chargeable mobile content such as 1900 chatline, 4D/TOTO, CNA News Pack, Games, Quizzes and Contests. Customers will not be able to subscribe to any PRS contents in the future once PRS Barring service is activated.
What is the monthly subscription fee for PRS Barring service?
PRS Barring service is FREE with no monthly subscription fee.
How to I sign up for PRS Barring Service?
  1. MyAccount
  2. My Singtel Account
  3. IDEAS Smartphone Portal
What contents are considered as PRS contents?
All chargeable contents that can be purchased and consume in the mobile phone. Some examples are 1900 chatline, 4D/TOTO, CNA News Pack, Games, Quizzes and Contests.
What contents are considered as non PRS contents?
FREE SMS Contents, apps from all marketplace (e.g. Apple App Store/Google Play) and connecting tones are some examples of non PRS Contents.
Does PRS Barring service covers Apple App Store/Google Play downloads?
No. Any content that is downloaded as an application from Apple App Store/Google Play (as well as all other App download platforms) are not covered under PRS Barring Service.
What will happen to my existing PRS mobile contents after I sign up for PRS Barring Service?
Existing PRS mobile contents will not be affected except 3rd party contents (e.g. Quiz Subscription and 1900 chatline) which will be terminated immediately.
How is PRS Barring Service different from 1900 Mobile Bar?
PRS Barring consist of both barring of PRS contents and 1900 Premium Service (such as chatline and voting).
As a 1900 Mobile Bar subscriber, will subscription of PRS Barring service affect my 1900 Mobile Bar service?
No. It will not affect. If you unsubscribe to 1900 Mobile Bar, you will still enjoy the PRS content bar. If you unsubscribe to PRS barring service (via *BLOCK), your 1900 Mobile Bar subscription will not be affected.
I am a prepaid customer. Am I eligible to sign up for PRS Barring service?
Yes. Singtel Mobile Prepaid customers are also eligible to sign up for PRS Barring service. Prepaid customers can dial *BLOCK (*25625) to sign up or unsubscribe from PRS Barring service. To check if you are already subscribed to any Premium Rate Services, dial *361.
If I were to port out my mobile number to StarHub/M1, will my PRS Barring service be terminated?
Yes. PRS Barring service will be terminated once you port out your mobile number to other service providers.