Key takeaways

•  Organisations face hurdles in managing and maximising data systems.
•  In a fast-changing business environment, enterprises need valuable insights and to automate decision-making to respond to dynamic situations quickly.
•  Enterprises need to leverage AI in a holistic 5G ecosystem that can deploy solutions for data-driven decisions.

AI can automate processes, reduce errors, and increase efficiency in operations.

The challenge in maximising AI

Connecting AI solutions, devices, & technologies with 5G

Leverage intelligence at the edge

Support low latency applications

Ensure end-to-end orchestration

1. Leverage intelligence at the edge

2. Support low latency applications

3. Ensure end-to-end orchestration

Capitalise on a ready-to-install 5G ecosystem

In the last two years, the number of agility leaders in APAC doubled, from 20% to 38%.

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