Key takeaways

• Data has the power to build sustainable growth by giving real-time insights but becomes an unmanageable burden without structure and access

• With data lakes increasingly becoming data swamps, a new solution is needed: the distributed data layer provides a fast and efficient way to deliver data to the databases where it can be applied

• Optimised data storage, schema and security can extract its inherent value by allowing easier access to insights

Each year companies process, on average, 2 petabytes of data and that is expected to increase by 42% annually²

Embrace the distributed data layer

Companies put only 57% of stored data to active use²

How to build more value through a distributed data layer

Leverage more of the data you collect

to increase the benefit-to-cost ratio

Think flexibility and scale

when planning to manage bigger data loads

Deploy a multi-cloud network

for better security and scalability

Improve data management

using optimised storage and schema

Multi-cloud networks unlock sustainable business value

Better data management = better governance

What’s next for big data?

Talk to us about building sustainable business value with Multi-Cloud Networking

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