What we expect when building cloud-ready networks

Before deploying SDNs, many companies we speak with expect the following:

    1. Network deployment is the same, no matter where you are.

    2. The SD-WAN overlay has all the answers, so no need to worry.

    3. One network is all you need when it comes to meeting your communication needs.

    4. You will instantly get an experienced 24/7 support team for your operations.

    5. You will get to see what is happening across your network.  

    6. Someone will keep a watchful eye on your systems to ensure they run smoothly.  

Sounds perfect, right? Just like that ‘amazing’ product we saw online.

But it is important to keep in mind that when you're implementing software-designed technologies there are always risks and unforeseen challenges.

So let us discuss what it is really like. 

The reality of building a cloud-ready network

Whilst we are all excited about the possibility of a cloud-ready network, let us remove our rose-tinted glasses for a bit and see what really happens.

    1. Regulations in new markets can be unpredictable and daunting.  

    2. Poor planning leads to poor Internet visibility and security.

    3. Network blueprints that aren’t customised to your business are irrelevant.

    4. You end up wasting time when dealing with multiple service providers.

    5. If the overlay and underlay aren’t integrated, then it is difficult to view what's happening.

    6. You struggle with monitoring processes because of a lack of open APIs or automations.

Much different from what you expected, right?  

So how do we bridge the gap between our expectations and reality?

One way is to consider the 3Rs approach to building a cloud-ready network:  

  • Right design and solution - custom built networks 

  • Right infrastructure - comprehensive connectivity solutions 

  • Right operations, people and skills - robust service lifecycle management  

By following the 3Rs approach, we can use software-defined technologies to unlock the power of a cloud-ready network including: 

    1. With the right connectivity, you can keep your network running smoothly.

    2. With on-demand network deployment, you can reduce costs and speed up delivery.

    3. Integrate and inter-operate with existing WAN services to provide greater bandwidth.

    4. Centrally managed applications and multi-vendor networks can improve performance.

    5. Wide-ranging management tools can provide you with full control and real-time visibility.

According to Gartner, “Whilst SDN promises a new era in networking, many buyers are confused about its value and how to implement it effectively.”

If that sounds like the case in your organisation, remember, finding the right partner with the relevant experience and know-how will be key to your digital success. Otherwise, you might end up with that ‘not so amazing’ product in your hands. Contact us here to make your SDN ambitions a reality.

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