Key takeaways

• Layoffs, delays, and customer complaints plague airports globally. Aviation companies must innovate to overcome these hiccups and keep up with rising passenger numbers.

• Automation, especially when powered by 5G’s fast speed and high capacity, can help enhance pre-flight processes, aircraft maintenance, and the customer experience.

• In Singapore, aviation companies interested in exploring innovative 5G use cases can look to the recently launched Changi Airport 5G aviation testbed – a project of Singtel, CAG, and CAAG.  

By 2040, passenger numbers will rise to 8 billion a year, according to the International Air Transport Association.³

How automation is making airports smarter

Keeping safety and security a top priority

To ensure safety, there must be a focus on human-AI collaboration¹³ and more training¹⁴ for those using automation.

The smart and automated future of aviation

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