Reinvent productivity with Copilot for Microsoft 365


Write Efficiently with Word


<p>Copilot for Word enhances writing by suggesting grammar, spelling, style, tone, and clarity improvements. Generate summaries, outlines, research, citations, and formatting assistance.</p>

Analyze Data with Excel

excel analyze

<p>Copilot for Excel aids data analysis with suggestions for formulas, charts, and tables. Generate insights, reports, clean data, and create dashboards effortlessly.</p>

Design Powerfully with PowerPoint


<p>Copilot for PowerPoint improves presentations with design, layout, and content suggestions. Generate slides, titles, images, and enhance rehearsing, timing, and delivery.</p>

Manage Emails with Outlook


<p>Copilot for Outlook streamlines email composition with suggestions for subject lines, greetings, and signatures. Generate summaries, follow-ups, and manage scheduling and prioritization.</p>

Collaborate Seamlessly with Teams


<p>Copilot for Teams enhances communication by suggesting messages, replies, and gifs. Generate agendas, minutes, tasks, and co-author files for effective team collaboration.</p>


Boost productivity and efficiency


<p>Automate tasks, generate content, and quickly find information. Summarize documents, create presentations, write emails, schedule meetings, and get meeting recaps with Copilot.</p>

Enhance Communication


<p>Communicate clearly and persuasively using Copilot. Check grammar, suggest phrases, translate messages, share feedback, and co-author documents for effective team collaboration.</p>

Boost Creativity with Copilot


<p>Unleash creativity and innovation using Copilot. Brainstorm topics, generate headlines, find sources, and design impactful presentations with relevant images, icons, and charts.</p>

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