Keep your emails private and secure



Real-time protection

Get peace of mind with built-in email security and data protection.



Compatible with most email clients and devices with webmail access for emails on the go.

Cost savings

Cost savings

Affordable business-grade email service with no domain fees required.


Built-in security

Virus Protection

Email encryption with authentication and real-time protection against spams and viruses.

Multiple ways to access

Webmail access

Have the flexibility to access your inbox, calendar and contacts from any device and email client - wherever you are.

Large inbox storage

Webmail access

10 GB of inbox storage delivers sufficient space for your emails with option to add more if required.

Strong email client support

Email Client Support

Fully compatible with most email clients - simply choose the system that works best for you.

Email archiving

Email Archiving

Take control of your emails. File, manage and find those critical emails quickly and easily.

Easy to use

Modern user interface

Intuitively-built and modern user interface that is simple and easy to use.

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