What is Symmetrical Broadband?

Up to 10Gbps* symmetrical download and upload speeds for seamless HD video conferencing experience

Single 10Gbps interface
Most 10Gbps set-up are provided based on an aggregated bandwidth of multiple 1Gbps connections. XG(S)-PON offers a 10Gbps interface, making the set up process easy and fuss-free.

Enhanced throughput that can serve a multitude of devices simultaneously

*To find out more about how the readings are measured, please visit:
Singtel Download Speed: Complete Information

High-speed broadband

Static IP business broadband

Unlimited symmetrical access at speeds between 100Mbps and up to 10Gbps.

Business-grade network

Static IP Fibre

Low latency access to the Internet and the cloud using our GPON network for businesses.

Peace of mind

Static IP Broadband

Access to 24/7 technical support.

Performance guaranteed

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Network performance guaranteed by a service-level agreement.

Simplified network architecture

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Operational efficiency using Ethernet interface.

Leading Internet Service Provider

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SingNet has the highest connectivity across Singapore.

Reduced congestion

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Increased capacity for concurrent wired and wireless connections.

Powerful network capabilities

router support

8 static IP addresses and supports IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack IP protocols to meet complex network requirements.

24/7 technical support


Round-the-clock support for your business network.

Who is this for?

Suitable for businesses that require


  • High-speed symmetrical upstream/downstream Internet access with desired levels of service
  • Concurrent Internet access for the masses


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