Advanced threat protection through industry-leading managed security services

Delivered through industry-leading managed security services, Singtel Threat Management protects your business from advanced attacks designed to steal your business’ and customers’ data.


Visibility and security

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Remove blind spots and improve visibility through threat analysis and security analytics. Protect your enterprise from emerging threats through advanced correlation engines, yet ready your business to respond if necessary.

Holistic threat management

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A framework that consolidates all the functions of the security system under one management console.


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With reduced number of devices and staff needed to manage them, your enterprise can enjoy significant cost savings by consolidating the network security management.


Threat intelligence

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Thorough view of global threat intelligence based on a unique combination of product telemetry, global data feeds and exclusive findings from our breach and forensics research.

Threat detection

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Advanced big data correlation of our threat intelligence, plus expert analysis in our Advanced Security Operations Centers (ASOCs), allows us to block new and emerging threats sooner and with more accuracy.

Threat protection

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Our Threat Management services work together to provide holistic protection of networks, applications, databases and endpoints.

Threat mitigation

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From the security specialists in our ASOC to our forensic investigators, we are proactive in event monitoring and threat correlation, resulting in faster response and threat mitigation.

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