Transforming network management

Networks that enable digital transformation and respond to changing business needs are not only essential but can also be extremely challenging for network administrators to manage.

No matter the complexity you face, we are commtited to provisioning secure, high performance Manged WAN, Managed LAN and Managed Wireless LAN that we monitor and optimise for performance, giving you simpler management and peace of mind to focus on what matters most.



Provisioning Made Simpler

Provisioning Made Simpler

<p>Provision a powerful network built on reliable infrastructure with network monitoring and performance optimisation. Singtel is your single point of contact to resolve issues that can span multiple vendors, helping you simplify the complex job of network management.</p>

Cost Advantage

Equipment Advantage, Cost Advantage

<p>Gain industry-leading network equipment maintained by our skilled network specialists without the need for up-front capital spending.. Choose from flexible tiered subscription plans to help you better manage your IT budget.</p>

High resilience, Fast recovery

Secure by Design, Built for Reliability

<p>Withstand and recover with service assurances that include proactive network monitoring, management, 24/7 support and comprehensive service level agreements backed by an external auditor. Leverage our proven track record in reducing mean time to repair.</p>

Provisioning made simpler

Customise a solution to meet your requirements.

Flexible service tiers

Choose a service tier that meets the demands of your business. Whether your business has straightforward network needs; or requires sophisticated networking; or if you have mission critical requirements that need high service level agreement (SLA) our tiers can cater to your business needs.

Why Singtel?

Leverage our deep expertise

Leverage our deep expertise

<p>Draw on our extensive experience in designing, integrating, and operating networks for government agencies and private enterprises with industry-certified networking and IT professionals.</p>

Leverage our global partnerships

Leverage our global partnerships

<p>Our strategic partnerships with global vendors enable us to provide you with early access to new products and technology innovation and opportunities to collaborate on product testing before deployment.</p>

Leverage our infrastructure

Leverage our infrastructure

<p>We are deeply integrated with several national providers in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region and can address high-bandwidth and low-latency services with our extensive APAC region subsea cable network and out-of-region cables.</p>