Q. I want to apply or cancel an add-on to my mobile line.

A. You can apply or cease add-ons by using mySingtel App. If you meet any issues, please call 1606 for help.

Q. How do I terminate my mobile line?

You can call into 1800 7383330 and follow the call instructions to retrieve the outstanding balance of your account. Please have the the following information ready for verification:

  • Account number* or
  • BRN no. (enter only digits)**

* Customers are advised to use account number over mobile number.

** Only works for businesses (e.g. 123456789X) / local companies (e.g. 2012123456X) / Singtel generated account nos (C123456789). For other entities in formats like  T01PQ1234X , please call into 1606 directly.

Q. Why am I being charged for 3rd party content?

A. You have subscribed to content services (aka PRS/non-PRS services) . To unsubscribe, please dial *25625 (and follow the instructions) or call in to 1606. If you call into 1606, you can also request for the Customer Service Officer to bar the future subscription of such services during the same time.

Read more about PRS services.

Q. I want to change my billing address.

A. You may change your billing address online