Q. How do I make changes to payment methods?

As a new billing account will be created under the Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS), you will need to set up your preferred payment method again. Please refer to singtel.com/bill payment.


Q. How do I seek clarification on my new bills?

Please create an account at singtel.com/personal/my-account to manage all your Singtel services easily on My Account and My Singtel app. (e.g. view bills and purchase add-ons). If you have questions on your bill, please reach out to us at singtel.com/help or email g-cessupport@singtel.com.


Q. Will there be changes to my monthly subscription?

You will enjoy the new rate via a monthly bill rebate over 24 months*. Do note the monthly bill rebate is pro-rated and will be reflected in the 2nd monthly bill within 1-2 billing cycles under the Refund/Reversal section.


i. The first CIS monthly bill will include:

– A ‘Partial Month Charge’ – this is prorated based on the date of conversion to the date of the end of bill cycle date.

– A full-month subscription that will be billed in advance.


ii. The second CIS monthly bill will include the full monthly bill rebate. This will be reflected under a ‘Refund/Reversal’ section on this bill.

*Example - if the entitlement starts on 20 Feb 2024, the 24 months rebate will end on 19 Feb 2026.


Q. What are the free add-on services provided after the migration?

Free Caller ID & AutoRoam services will be provided for 24 months with Phone Plans.


If you wish to subscribe to add-on services (e.g. V019 or additional MobileShare line), please do so after the migration. Do note registration fees apply. 


Q. I am not receiving my old CES bills.

Please log into the Empower portal  to view your old CES bills.


Q. When will I receive the balance refund for my CES billing account number after migrating to the CIS plan?

After the migration is competed, your refund will be credited to your CIS billing account within 1 to 3 billing cycles.


About Singtel Corporate Executive Scheme (CES)

About Singtel Corporate Executive Scheme (CES)