Our network promise

Fastest network with peak speeds of >1Gbps

With the fastest download speeds based on Tutela Annual Report 2020 and peak speeds of up to 1.5Gbps, we are the fastest mobile network in Singapore.


Widest coverage reaching 99.9% of Singapore

Stay connected everywhere with the fastest & widest coverage for 2020 H1 according to IMDA's 4G Outdoor Mobile Service Coverage Measurement Results.

Better indoor and underground coverage with LTE900

Singtel LTE900 covers 99.9% of the island with better mobile signal penetration, which means you’ll enjoy a consistent connection indoors and underground. 

Singapore's Fastest & Widest Network.

Based on 2020 H1 results, according to IMDA's 4G Outdoor Coverage tests.

Surf the web effortlessly with Singapore's Fastest Mobile Network.

Based on analysis by Ookla®️ of Speedtest Intelligence®️ data Q1–Q2 2020, Singtel is Singapore's Speedtest Awards™ Winner for mobile network speed during Q1—Q2 2020.

Make full use of the mobile data you have and surf the web effortlessly, wherever you are.

Stream uninterrupted on Singapore’s fastest network

Based on the latest Tutela Annual report, Singtel topped the competition in with the fastest download speeds.

So whether it’s browsing social media, streaming HD videos, or downloading large files, you can work and play seamlessly on the go.

Thank you for making us SG's #1 mobile network

Delivering the finest 4G+ experience

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4G+ that follows you wherever you go

Check out the handsets that support Singtel tri-band 4G+ service in Singapore.

Tri-band 4G+

337 - 375Mbps

Tri-band 4G+ with 256QAM

450 - 500Mbps

Gigabit 4G+

800Mbps - 1.3Gbps

Our journey to 5G

Service features exclusively for you

4G+ ClearVoice

By leveraging on Singtel 4G+ network, you can enjoy faster connections and engage in crystal clear conversations without incidental noise anytime, anywhere.

WiFi Calling

Stay in touch with your loved ones with high quality mobile calls and SMSes using WiFi calling. WiFi Calling is enabled when your phone is connected to any WiFi network, allowing a seamless switch between a mobile network and WiFi connection at no additional subscription charges or apps installed.


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