Key takeaways

• 5G and Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) can supercharge groundbreaking technologies to transform APAC industries by enhancing business models, operational efficiency, and user experiences.

● Artificial intelligence (AI) in APAC is rapidly advancing, finding applications in automation, healthcare, customer service, and more. Integrating 5G and MEC can significantly boost this technology's efficiency and performance for enterprises.

● Extended reality (XR), digital twins, and the Internet of Things (IoT) can redefine customer interactions and organisational workflows in healthcare, retail, and entertainment sectors. Backed by 5G and MEC, these technologies promise a future of immersive experiences.

● 5G and MEC can amplify AI and Big Data analytics, enabling enterprises to focus on data-driven decision-making and service enhancement.

● APAC's swift digital transformation, powered by the integration of 5G and MEC, opens a panorama of opportunities and challenges. Industries exploiting AI, digital twins, XR, Big Data, and IoT must tap expertise in cybersecurity, data management, and infrastructure development.

The power duo of 5G and MEC

5 breakthrough technologies made possible by 5G and MEC

AI and machine learning

Rapid AI/ML uptake is reshaping APAC businesses.


Digital twins

Digital twins can revolutionise industries by enabling simulations and improving productivity and decision-making.


Extended reality

5G and MEC amplify XR technology, enhancing immersive experiences.


Big Data and Analytics

5G enhances Big Data processing to drive decision-making across industries


Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is transforming industries and enhancing efficiency with help from 5G.


1. AI and machine learning

AI in APAC companies:³

use AI/ML to analyse collected data in the realm of cybersecurity

use AI/ML proactively for defence or fraud mitigation

use AI to scan and test system vulnerabilities

2. Digital twins

3. Extended reality (XR)

By 2026, experts predict that spending in the APAC region will reach an impressive USD 14.8 billion.⁸

4. Big data and advanced analytics

APAC spending in Big Data and analytics is set to reach USD42.2 billion by the end of 2023 and USD70.7 billion by 2026.⁹

The APAC industrial IoT market was valued at USD 23,678.9 million in 2021, and it is expected to reach USD 46,188 million by 2030.¹²

5. Internet of Things

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