Key takeaways

• Lack of AI skills and understanding is the number one reason AI adoption is stalling; invest in employee education to ensure the success of your AI implementation.

• Data security is a risk in AI implementation that can be mitigated with careful planning and consultation with IT and AI experts.

• Scaling AI within your organisation means adopting solutions holistically and simultaneously. This requires strategising with key stakeholders.

Companies that have scaled up AI adoption beyond the pilot or proof-of-concept stage see 3X the return on their AI investments.²

AI adoption

The challenge

People lack the skills to fully capitalise AI’s benefits


The risks

Data protection and security are key considerations in successful AI adoption


The opportunities

To make the most out of AI, organisations need to take a holistic approach


AI adoption is hard because people lack the training to use it

The World Economic Forum estimates that 97 million jobs will be created by Industry 4.0, which includes the AI revolution.⁴

AI adoption requires strategic thinking about risks

AI brings tremendous opportunities — if adopted strategically

Only 10% of companies obtain significant financial benefits from adopting AI technologies.⁶

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