Expand your existing team's capabilities and strengthen your security posture

Fighting cybercrime is now a round-the-clock task. Meet this challenge by leveraging Singtel’s industry-leading security, network and compliance expertise. Embark on a partnership that offers a holistic cyber security approach to mitigating cyber risks and managing cyber security complexities for a thriving enterprise.

Keeping your enterprise safe with Managed Security Services

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Leverage the benefits of MSS

Singtel's unique differentiators

Drive transformation and cyber resilience with network-based security.

Experience the power of MDR

Gain superior outcomes with Singtel MDR. Benefit from our global threat intelligence, advanced analytics, and data gathered from thousands of MSS customers to determine indicators of compromise (IoCs) and attacker behaviours, strengthening your enterprise against attack vectors.

Elevate your MDR

Leverage our elite team’s world-class threat intelligence.

Access advanced analytics

Superior analytics powered by advanced tech and rich expertise allow for better insights and threat detection.

Achieve exceptional outcomes

Collaborate with our global team and benefit from superior detection, investigation and response outcomes – no matter where you are.

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