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  • It is important to consider the size and shape of your office to determine whether a router, access point or WiFi mesh is best
  • For small offices that do not want wire cables to be visible, WiFi mesh may be the most convenient option as it is set up wirelessly.
  • Static IP Business Fibre Broadband is a fixed IP address service that is typically suitable for businesses that host servers or websites and rely on remote workforce.
  • Dynamic IP Business Fibre Broadband is more cost-effective and suitable for businesses with basic office needs.
  • Offering free WiFi at your establishment can further help your business grow as you can increase foot traffic
  • To ensure that your network is not overloaded by multiple devices being used concurrently, services like Singtel Fibre Broadband Plus can ensure fast speed while maintaining a secure network.

1. How big is your office and what Wi-Fi hardware do you need?

2. What kind of internet access does your business need?

3. How much bandwidth do you require?

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