True network segregation

Dual fibre broadband plans

Dual broadband connections help prevent malware attack online threat without compromising the office network.

Ease of management

Dual fibre broadband

With dual isolated fibre broadband networks, making changes to one network will not have impact on the other.


Dual business broadband

Affordable top-up cost for the 2nd line used for general use or guest WiFi.


Added value

dual broadband

Speedier performance and wider WiFi coverage by adding a second Internet access to your existing fibre infrastructure.

Easy management


Manage just one line for business critical applications, payments, guest WiFi and general use.

Separate security policies


Easily set up and manage the security profiles.

Who is this for?

SingNet eVolve* customers that require dual fibre broadband network segregation between office use and other applications, such as guest networks and Internet Protocol payments.

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