Singtel Managed Cloud Hosting Singapore

Flexible Service Schemes

We understand that not all workloads are the same. That’s why we have flexible service schemes in place for you to reap all the benefits of cloud computing with dedicated, shared, or hybrid environments in Singtel’s data centres.

1. Shared Pool

Virtual Machines (VMs) that act like separate computers that can be shared by multiple users. More VMs can be added as your business grows.

2. Dedicated Pool

A pool of dedicated VMs that are used to run different applications. This gives you the flexibly to manage and scale IT resources to meet business requirements.

3. Virtual Data Centre

A virtual environment with isolated computer, network and storage infrastructure with the option of subscribing to dedicated resources for enhanced security and control.


1. Firewall: We control and configure first-tier and second-tier virtual firewalls based on their infrastructural security requirements. For example, the second-tier firewall creates a separate zone in the cloud for more stringent security needs.

2. Network load balancing: We distribute workloads across multiple VMs based on the availability to optimise resource utilisation, maximise throughput, minimise response times and avoid overloading any VM.

3. Backup: We help you back up your VMs to disk on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, using deduplication technology to enhance efficiency. We also reduce backup times by targeting only unique data clocks. 

4. Connectivity: We provide superior coverage, network performance and reliability via secure, market-leading2 and world-class connectivity. Enterprises can choose between an Internet connection (SingNet OnNet) or a private network connection.
2Market Leadership for International MPLS IP VPN Services APEJ and International Dedicated P2P Services (IPLC+E-Line] APEJ for 1H2010 to 1H 2013. Source: IDC APEJ Fixed Line Telecom Services Tracker, 1H2013

5. Monitoring: Monitor the health of your VMs by tracking Internet connection speed, latency and CPU usage. We can set up alerts when these parameters are breached, enabling you to be proactive in boosting your capacity and ensuring system availability.

Consultancy Services

We will discuss your business goals and requirements with you and develop a customised cloud strategy to drive savings, revenue and business growth.

1. Cloud strategy, design and consultancy

We help you start your cloud transformation with an action plan based on your workload, readiness to move to the cloud and return-on-investment goals.

2. Cloud migration services

We can expedite your transformation journey by helping you identify the workloads that will benefit most from cloud solutions.

3. Cloud security services

We can build a secure cloud road-map by working with you to identify your security and privacy risks.

4. Tenant Management Services

Singtel’s Tenant Facility Management will help you with your cloud configuration and day-to-day running of operations and monitoring services.

Business Scenarios

Harness the power of cloud with Singtel Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud is a combination of a private and a public cloud in which companies can manage some of their resources internally and others externally. The benefit of a hybrid cloud is that your business can increase cloud capacity as you need it by moving data from your private network onto the public cloud. On a hybrid cloud, both networks operate independently, but they communicate with one another over a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.
The hybrid cloud platform is growing in popularity. Seventy percent of enterprises say they will pursue a hybrid cloud strategy by 2015* and 67% expect to purchase a variety of cloud services from a single vendor. Some 85% of those buyers say they will work with an existing supplier.
Singtel’s Hybrid Cloud enables businesses to move their workload seamlessly and securely between Singtel’s Managed Cloud and their own private cloud. Singtel is your trusted partner for end-to-end cloud deployment, with a one-stop service to manage, migrate and control all of your cloud environments and keep your critical business data secure.
*Source: Gartner DC Summit (Base 400+Enterprise Customers)


Advantages of a Hybrid Cloud

Scenario 1: Data Backup - We want to save costs on data storage appliances

  • Provides protection for hot or cold failover or disaster recovery.  
  • Supports the long-term storage of data by establishing a failover in the cloud, with the public cloud serving as backup and the private cloud as a master.

Scenario 2: Capacity Expansion - We want to respond fast for unexpected peaks in workloads

  • Manages seasonal or unexpected peaks in workloads through two online data centre sites for cloud bursting when demand for capacity peaks.
  • Agility, scalability and cost efficiencies to increase capacity as you need it.

Scenario 3: Disaster Recovery - We want to initiate disaster recovery process over internet

  • Updates mission-critical systems more frequently.
  • Initiates disaster recovery over the internet by replicating VMs to the Singtel Managed Cloud at intervals to match business requirements.

Scenario 4: Development and Test - We want to access development, test and production servers with high speed

  • Easy access to on-demand resources during quality assurance testing.
  • Enables setup of a separate pre-production platform in the Singtel Managed Cloud, before moving data to the private cloud.
  • Increases the private cloud capacity and mitigates risks by preserving the integrity of the production environment.

Scenario 5: Application Migration - We need access to on-demand resources instantly

  • The Singtel Managed Cloud supports thousands of applications and dozens of operating systems running on VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • Easily migrate existing applications to the cloud, such as legacy systems and front-end content management applications.

Scenario 6: High Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) - We want to minimise usage of CAPEX for infrastructure maintenance

  • Freedom to maintain sensitive data and critical workloads on the private cloud and move front-end content management applications to the public cloud.
  • Easily replicate VMs to the cloud without complex planning and high upfront costs.


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Awarded the prestigious Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification, ISO27001. This is an international standard specifying the requirements in implementing effective ISMS in an organisation so as to manage information security effectively and systematically. With over 100 security controls observed, audited and certified by TÜV SÜD PSB, this award is a testimony of Singtel Managed Cloud’s (Commercial Cloud) commitment to security.

Customer Testimonials

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National Trades Union Congress (NTUC)

In this video, Kwong Yuk Wah, CIO of NTUC, explains how Singtel has helped to move its entire data centre to an Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud environment. Using Singtel Managed Cloud, NTUC is now able to deploy resources on demand, improve productivity, and effectively reduce computing resources.




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