100% detection of known viruses with 24x7 support

Network perimeter security is a cornerstone of an effective information security program. Singtel UTM is a fully managed, automated threat management service that uses technologies designed to detect rogue devices and internal vulnerabilities.



24x7 coverage

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Enjoy round-the-clock security coverage from experienced security experts.

Real-time threat intelligence

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Ensures that your security policies protect you from threats you don’t even know about.

Lower costs and resources

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Cut your business costs and enhance your bottom-line with a unified cybersecurity solution.


Stateful firewall

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Monitors the state of active connections to determine which network packets to allow through the firewall.

Deep inspection intrusion protection

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Deep security that scans for attacks that are inside the encrypted part of the packet.

Web & email anti-virus with web content filtering

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Ensure the security of your communications and business productivity.

Rogue device and wireless access point detection

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Detects unauthorized AP connected to your network by someone inside your organisation without consent.

Internal vulnerability scanning

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A useful tool to identify real and potential threats to your IT infrastructure.

Virtual private networking

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Connect safely to a less secure network using encryption.

Wi-Fi hotspot

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Seamless Internet connection that can be shared among staff and partners.

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