Meeting your business needs wherever you go.

Wide coverage

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With access to over 250 destinations, Singtel has the widest data roaming coverage.

Faster connectivity

Pick from a variety of data bundles to enjoy seamless, high-speed data connections when working on the go.

For Frequent Travellers

Enterprise EasyData Roam Monthly Plans

Get unlimited data* coverage for frequently visited destinations and worldwide.
Experience no bill shock and a convenient Network Lock to prevent accidental charges when overseas.

81 destinations


157 destinations




Daily Passes

DataRoam Unlimited Daily Plus

Enjoy seamless connectivity over 157 destinations.


Cruise Dataroam (Daily Unlimited)

Unlimited data access every day when

you sail the open seas*.



In-flight Unlimited Data Plan

Stay connected while you're up in the air, as long as your flight time is within 24 hours from activation.