Key takeaways

• As global air passenger numbers soar, the aviation sector needs novel technologies to drive operational efficiency.

• 5G unlocks the high-speed connectivity needed to deploy these technologies.

• Singtel has partnered with Changi Airport Group to trial exciting use cases through a 5G aviation testbed. 

With global air passenger numbers set to double in the next two decades, technologies like AI and automation can spur efficiency for aviation players.

A smarter airport experience with 5G

Smarter baggage transportation

Faster transfer of critical flight data

Smoother aircraft maintenance

Fewer flight delays

Smarter baggage transportation via autonomous vehicles

Faster transfer of critical flight data

Smoother maintenance through remote aircraft inspection

On-time performance with video analytics and AI tools

Globally, an average of 30,000 flights are delayed per day.

Seamless check-ins and arrivals

Step into the airport of the future with 5G

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