Seamless and faster access to public clouds

Singtel Cloud Connect, part of Liquid-X portfolio of services, delivers superior connectivity to public cloud platforms and provides your business with ease of use and flexibility to accelerate your cloud strategy.


Seamless connectivity

Seamless connectivity

<p>Quick and easy access to leading public cloud providers over pre-established connections to enhance your multi-cloud infrastructure.</p>

Secure and reliable

Secure and reliable

<p>Secure and stable with built-in low-latency performance. Built based on Singtel’s reliable and extensive private backbone.</p>

Scalable and flexible

Scalable and flexible

<p>Flexible and usage-based billing lets you scale your connections to the cloud according to your business needs.</p>

Cloud Connect Solutions

A wide range of high-performing public and private connectivity options to leading public clouds.

Our partnerships

Cloud Connect – Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Seamless and fast access to AWS Direct Connect

Singtel is an AWS certified Direct Connect Service Delivery Partner and Advanced Consulting Partner with multiple accreditations. We have a large pool of highly experienced AWS-certified personnel to guide customers along each step of their digital transformation journey. With Singtel Cloud Connect, enterprises can build a private and resilient network infrastructure with AWS Direct Connect service to your AWS Cloud applications and services. 

Singtel’s Cloud Connect suite of services offer a range of options for direct and secure access to AWS Direct Connect. Enterprises can securely move workloads between clouds services without the need to directly access the open internet. This can help enterprises to reduce network costs, increase bandwidth throughput, and provide a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections.

Customer Success Stories

Find out how network connectivity laid the foundations for the digital transformation and strengthen operational capabilities for our customers. 


Find out how Singlife was able to operate their insurance business entirely from the cloud, while creating a high quality online experience for their customers.  


Learn how blu, one of the largest parcel terminal networks in Singapore, set themselves up for success and enabled the launch of more than 100 bluPort parcel terminals island-wide.

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