Connect to the largest and most robust data centre network in Singapore

With its fast, resilient and reliable network, the Singtel Data Centre Connectivity Suite offers security, collaboration solutions, and the seamless integration of traditional and emerging technologies such as cloud and SD WAN. For customer with the requirement to connect to multiple data centres for site resiliency or business continuity planning (BCP).

DC Connect

Seamless connectivity between more than 20 data centres in Singapore.

Data centre interconnect offers a secure connectivity service that is designed for Businesses to interconnect Data Centres; being Layer 2 network connectivity opens the possibility to extend your LAN across sites. This is a high performance Ethernet service which combines network reliability, ease of management and largest network coverage of data centres in Singapore


Retaining routing control


Minimise the need to redesign your network when adding new sites.

Enhanced security


Internal network IP are not revealed to service provider.

Multiple sites connectivity


Connectivity with a single physical connection.

Other DC connectivity solutions


Optical Service over Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology, provides high-speed, dedicated connectivity.

This is the choice for businesses which requires a highly robust and scalable network catered to their IT requirements and in demanding areas of application such as low latency applications, Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions.


Dedicated high-speed Ethernet providing point-to-point or point-to multi-point connectivity that can scale along with your business growth. It is highly resilient and offers low latency islandwide to ensure services are delivered efficiently. 

DC Internet

Ideal for larger businesses an ultra-reliable Internet service backed by service level agreements.

Keeps your business connected to the Internet with a highly secure and high speed internet connection to deliver best of class user experience content to local end users.


Why Singtel?

Wide suite of services


You're only as agile as the network you're on. Our best in class solutions can assist companies adapt shifting demands as we give businesses a competitive advantage, by helping them react to change with our wide suite of offerings.

Widest coverage


Connect to the widest coverage network in Singapore. With our robust network and coverage you get more reliable connectivity and broader coverage.

Deep expertise


Singtel has delivered optimal solutions for multinationals and small businesses alike, spanning industries from financial services to manufacturing, education, healthcare, retail, hospitality and government. Singtel brings together experienced consultants and best-in-class networks.