Build an agile and future-ready network

Singtel Meg@POP delivers a future-proof intelligent infrastructure that offers a full suite of wired and wireless high-performance connectivity options, such as Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Internet, Ethernet and multi-cloud connectivity, with software-defined capabilities. This gives your business the network agility to adapt to business challenges, and enable you to leverage on new technologies to grow your business.  



Uninterrupted business connectivity

Cloud network

Get optimal network performance and uninterrupted connectivity with high redundancy and business continuity options, such as exchange and path diversity.

Faster access to public networks


Built on Singtel's extensive private backbone, Singtel Meg@POP provides a secure and seamless access to major public clouds and the Internet.

Business agility and responsiveness

Cloud network

Enjoy full flexibility and control with an agile network that gives you the ability to adapt your network resources according to your evolving needs.

Smarter decision-making


Gain a better understanding of your network performance via a centralised portal for more informed decision-making.


High performance


Ensure round-the-clock connectivity via a dedicated business-grade network with up to 100% SLA and auto-backup capabilities for maximum uptime.

Proactive monitoring*


Real-time detection and alert on link interruptions and congestions for rapid incident handling and resolution.

Secure access to multiple clouds


Enjoy secure, direct and faster access to leading clouds for a superior cloud network experience.

Secure internet breakout


Leverage on a single internet breakout secured by built-in firewall and Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions to minimise cyber risks.

Bandwidth on demand


Scale up your company's bandwidth cost-effectively during planned surges, or decrease as needed seamlessly.

Management portal


Gain visibility and improve network performance through a centralised management portal.

SD-WAN capabilities


Simplify the management of your WAN network for multiple sites through a centralised portal and QoS policy-based routing.

Boost your network agility with Meg@POP Suite of Innovative Solutions

Connectivity Solutions

Cloud Connect

Enhance your multi-cloud infrastructure with Cloud Connect’s quick and easy access to leading public cloud providers over pre-established connections. Securely move workloads between cloud services without the need to directly access the open internet.

Bandwith Flex

When you need to scale up your company’s bandwidth in the shortest possible time, Singtel Bandwidth Flex lets you adjust bandwidth quickly according to your needs via our self-service online portal. 

Secure Internet

Single internet access with built-in firewall and Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions to support hybrid networking needs while minimizing risk to cyber threats. 

Software-defined solutions


Have better visibility and control of your entire WAN environment with Singtel SD-WAN, which allows you to view and manage all your networks from a central console.

Customer Success Stories

See how our customers are leveraging on Meg@POP suite of sevices to boost operational efficiency and deliver superior customer experience.


Learn how Singtel's Meg@POP IP VPN platform and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) provided a multinational health and beauty retailer with the right fundamentals to enable their digital transformation strategy.


Find out how Singtel's Meg@POP IP VPN and Cloud Connect enabled Singapore Life, a fintech life insurance company that operates entirely from cloud with a fast, reliable and scalable network. 


Learn how blu, a local retail logistics company, leveraged on Singtel's Meg@POP IP VPN, NFV and Cloud Connect to connect 130+ sites to the cloud in order to enable their fast expansion. 

Grow and digitalise your business with Singtel Meg@POP

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