Simplified connectivity


Connect and move data seamlessly between enterprise networks, data centres and leading cloud providers across the globe to enable a hybrid, multi-cloud environment.

Greater network control and scalability


Manage and monitor your connections centrally via a secure and intuitive portal.

Next-generation connectivity


Enjoy new connectivity features and capabilities through ongoing platform upgrades and integrations into MPLS, SD-WAN, Internet exchange points and more.

Secure connections to multiple clouds


Get secure, high-performance connections to multiple clouds including Amazon Web Services® Direct Connect, Microsoft® ExpressRoute, Google® Cloud Partner Interconnect, IBM® Cloud Direct Link, Alibaba Express Connect, Oracle® Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect and more.


How it works

Get connected globally within minutes. Whether you are adopting a hybrid, multi-cloud or cloud-to-cloud business continuity and disaster recovery strategy, you can leverage on SD-Connect to quickly connect your enterprise network to geographically dispersed data centres, private and public clouds. The on-demand model allows your businesses to scale beyond the existing infrastructure through MyConnectPortal, which equips you with greater network visibility and control to build a cloud-centric network.


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