Global reach


Connect remote locations with Singtel’s extensive network of 48 points-of-presence across 23 cities worldwide.

Grows with you


Highly granular bandwidth increments, as small as 1Mbps, gives you ability to scale without bandwidth wastage.

Fast to deploy


Supports a wide range of bandwidths so it’s faster to deploy. More cost-effective than investing in specialised networking equipment.


Guaranteed bandwidth


Dedicated layer 2 point-to-point connections minimise network congestion and maximise security.

Fast failover


Ensure maximise uptime for all your application traffic.

Respond quickly to network demands


Boost your bandwidth in short notice with Bandwidth Flex.

High scalability


Supports up to 10Gbps.

Support for point-to-multipoint


Enables hub-and-spoke configurations.

Who is this for?

Organisations that want to retain full control of their network, achieve high levels of data security, and deliver large amounts of data between their offices over a simplified Ethernet infrastructure.

Why Singtel?

Simplified service


We are a one-stop ICT managed services provider to help simplify and unify all your communications with advanced network solutions and extensive expertise.

Extensive coverage


The most extensive submarine cable network (spanning 415,000km) around the region with a robust and resilient connection to Asia, Trans-Pacific, Europe, ASEAN and Oceania.

Reliability and security


Enterprises can leverage our 25Tbps cable capacity and over 60 cable landing points operated by our partners and us.

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