A dedicated connection between your global offices that’s always up, always secure

Quality and resilient connectivity for mission-critical applications that require highly secure and dedicated bandwidth between two key business locations.


Take your global business anywhere with peace of mind


Our extensive network coverage of 48 points-of-presence worldwide, as well as strong bilateral partnerships with international service providers, ensures you get even greater access to more than 23 cities globally. Our consistent quality of 24/7 global service support throughout the world ensures maximum uptime for your network.

Full WAN control with visibility and monitoring of service quality


Get the autonomy to plan and design your own WAN with deterministic latency. You can also choose the amount of bandwidth required for your data delivery, allowing for better resource utilisation. Supported over Singtel’s wholly-owned infrastructure, our end-to-end IPLC service enables you to have better visibility and monitoring of service quality.

Always-on, always-ready operations


Equipped with restorable cable options, our self-healing networks are resilient against faults and performance issues. You get the assurance of up to 99.9% service availability to ensure smooth business operations with maximum uptime and business continuity.


Dedicated connection between your global offices


Connect over a layer 1 point-to-point line using Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON); Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) technologies; Optical Transport Network (OTN).

Supported bandwidths


2Mbps / E1; 622Mbps / STM-4; 45Mbps / DS3; 2.5Gbps / STM-16; 155Mbps / STM-1; 10Gbps / STM-64 / OTU2; 100Gbps / OTU4.

Restoration options


Choose from three different levels of protection on the ASON network.

Guaranteed data delivery and bandwidth


Our dedicated Layer 1 point-to-point line ensures the transfer of voice, video and mission-critical applications without risk of downtime or data breach. For quality assurance, we offer service guarantees on the provisioning period and service availability.

Why Singtel?

Simplified service


We are a one-stop ICT managed services provider to help simplify and unify all your communications with advanced network solutions and extensive expertise.

Extensive coverage


The most extensive submarine cable network (spanning 415,000km) around the region with a robust and resilient connection to Asia, Trans-Pacific, Europe, ASEAN and Oceania.

Reliability and security


Enterprises can leverage our 25Tbps cable capacity and over 60 cable landing points operated by our partners and us.

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