Accelerate Internet connectivity performance for your Microsoft cloud applications

For enterprises that seek the best Internet experience when accessing the ever-expanding world of Microsoft cloud applications, we provide the region’s most direct and optimised Internet connectivity from our Liquid-X portfolio. Enjoy greater service redundancy, availability and performance for cloud applications hosted with public service cloud providers.


Improved Microsoft SaaS experience

Seamless connectivity to Microsoft cloud services

<p>Using the shortest network path to Microsoft network edge and optimised routing technology delivers predictable network performance for seamless connectivity to Microsoft Cloud Services.</p>

Seamless optimisation

High availability network for business-critical applications

<p>With no additional hardware or licences required, routing optimisation is simply enabled over the Singtel Internet service subscribed.</p>

Network insights

Traffic insights

<p>Traffic insights such as latency reporting and prefix monitoring. Route analytics and statistics: Events for (BGP route anomalies, leak or hijack detection) and sequential routing.</p>


High network performance

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High-performance and consistent network access to Microsoft cloud services. Made possible through optimised routing and direct peering infrastructure between Singtel and Microsoft Edge router.

Single hop to Microsoft

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One-hop connection to and from Microsoft Edge in Singapore. Achieved through optimised traffic routing and further routed for faster connectivity and better performance.

Network telemetry*


Simply monitor network routes and end-to-end traffic via Azure portal. Using Internet Telemetry* to identify security risks, and receive alerts on Internet abnormalities, hijacks and leaks.

Who is it for?

Businesses with an Internet-first network strategy and looking to improve their overall Internet performance to Microsoft SaaS services.

How does it work?

Singtel Cloud Connect provides optimal Internet performance for cloud connectivity with direct Internet path to global public or private cloud domain.

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