Singtel wholesale carrier services is a leading provider of solutions for international carriers and resellers

Buy a wide range of voice and data services at highly competitive prices from Asia’s telecommunications and internet services leader.


Quality peering with Tier One carriers

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Connectivity to Tier One networks and major content providers worldwide.

Network diversity

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Full diversity on Singtel's cable infrastructure, including APCN2, C2C, i2i, SEA-ME-WE 3, SEA-ME-WE 4, Southeast Asia Japan Cable (SJC), China-US cable network, Japan-US cable network, Unity and Southern Cross

Global reach


Expansive global backbone capacity of peering and transit arrangements with the major internet transit and content providers in Asia, Oceania, US and Europe.

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Why Singtel?

Partner with a telecom and internet operator with a truly global reach.

Domestic Connectivity

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Extensive network coverage, reliable quality and experience.

Asia’s leader

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As Asia’s leading connectivity provider of secure network services and solutions, we connect your network to a host of carriers across the world.


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Singtel’s network is built on an extensive submarine cable system covering Intra-Asia, Trans-Pacific, Trans-Atlantic, Oceania and Asia-Europe.

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