Co-cultivate a cyber-aware culture

The ability to withstand cyber threats and maintain a secure digital ecosystem calls for all stakeholders to work cohesively and effectively. Tightening communication gaps between technical and non-technical functions can lead to faster incident response time and stronger cyber resiliency.

Optimise cyber preparedness for greater resilience

Did you know that some enterprises can take up to 118* hours to contain and respond to security breaches? This can severely impact business operations, leading to disruptions and financial and data loss. Organisations can avoid this by prioritising cyber education and awareness to foster a culture of cyber readiness.     

Knowing how to protect your digital assets and being aware of how systems can be compromised equip your teams to address your business’s unique security and operational needs. 

A CSI training programme for every need

Empower your leadership and management teams with the latest cyber security briefings vital for company-wide cyber awareness. From Cyber Range to First Incident Responder (FIRE) training, we’ve got you covered with our suite of CSI programmes that adhere to cyber security best practices.

Knowledge is power

Singtel Cyber Security Institute equips all your stakeholders with the knowledge and tools needed to build a security-first culture.

Awards and accolades

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