Global visibility and scale, local presence and capabilities

Let us do the heavy lifting

Leave it to us to develop your cybersecurity plan, while you focus on business goals.

Quick & efficient

Our experts provide succinct and fast responses to cyber attacks and complex incidents.

Saves time & money

Investing in cybersecurity proactively saves time, money and resources in the long run.

Hands-on expertise

Experienced global specialists provide clarity and deliver advanced industry knowledge.

Unmatched experience

With more than 25 years of experience, qualified research, and expert SpiderLabs researchers and testers, Trustwave resources are unmatched.

Proven methodology

With thousands of proprietary findings and 120+ proprietary methodologies, we save time by delivering methods that work.

Innovation leaders

Winner of the SC Media Innovation award, and recognised across the three leading research firms – Gartner, IDC and Forrester – demonstrating a record for being an industry leader.

It’s time to shift your security mindset

Discover how Trustwave addresses current security challenges and benefits your business long term.

Trustwave SpiderLabs

World-renowned experts across security breach investigations, malware reverse-engineering projects, penetration testing, and open-source security projects with years of extensive experience.

250+ specialised security experts


Trustwave SpiderLabs harbours highly qualified experts across every facet of cybersecurity – from breach investigations to open-source security projects and more.

9 million web app attacks researched


The innovative security research, major threat discoveries and advanced threat intelligence delivered by Trustwave SpiderLabs fuels industry-leading managed security services and technologies.

2,500+ penetration tests each year


Known for delivering expert security and penetration testing services to help modernise and maximise your security programme and identify vulnerabilities.

Trustwave Fusion platform

A cloud-native platform that helps you gain unprecedented visibility and control, enabling you to manage security resources across any environment in a single view so you can allocate and monitor resources to suit your needs.

Complete visibility in a single view

Provides a centralised view of threats, technology management, vulnerabilities and potential risks across the entire cloud environment.

Protect diverse environments

Allows you to protect all your cloud and hybrid environments – including on-premises, public clouds, private clouds and new security-focused clouds.

Advanced threat intelligence

Benefit from intelligence gathered by the global network of Trustwave Security Operation Centres and Trustwave SpiderLabs.

Integrate data & product

Support provided for third-party data and product integration to further strengthen enterprise cybersecurity.

Seamless hybrid operation

Connect our managed security services, security testing services, and your Security Operation Centre for integrated operations.

Discover the benefits

Security Operations Centre

Experts monitor 24x7 at our 9 global federated security operations centres. You’ll be covered from start-to-finish for the lifecycle of an incident – from initial monitoring to  detection and remediation – with end-to-end security.

SpiderLabs insider expertise

Regular human-led analysis of attacks using reverse engineering to identify and predict advanced threats, and build updated product detection measures.

Optimised security

Partner with highly-skilled certified security professionals – including analysts, architects and forensic investigators – to maximise your security resources and investments.

Federated global architecture

Using Trustwave’s proprietary, distributed architecture to discover anomalous and malicious behaviour, delivering the exact skills in the exact locations – whenever or wherever they are needed.

Advanced automated analysis

Cloud engine automated analysis to proactively identify threats, anomalous behaviour, and suspicious activity.

Unprecedented threat intelligence

With one of the largest bases of MSSP customers, we access broad up-to-minute threat intelligence and benefit from co-location intelligence sharing with some of the world’s largest telco-providers.

Secure data access 24x7

Access data and reports securely via the Trustwave TrustKeeper portal.

Take a sneak peek inside a Trustwave Security Operations Centre

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