Protect your infrastructure against sophisticated DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks are on the rise as digital transformation opens up new frontiers for cyberthreats. The attacks put critical network availability at risk and can be very costly for businesses as customer-facing services become unavailable and normal operations are disrupted. It is very important, therefore, to be able to block these attacks and allow only legitimate traffic to pass through. 

How does it work?

Stay ahead of cyber threats in real-time, round the clock.


Round-the-clock protection

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24x7 surveillance of the enterprise network traffic enables timely detection and response to network anomalies that can lead to DDoS incidents.

Highly scalable

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On-demand capacity enables the enterprise to scale up its defences easily to mitigate the impact of terabit DDoS attacks.

Lower risk


Fast and effective mitigation of DDoS attacks reduces business risk and maintains availability and performance of critical network infrastructure.

Access to expertise

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Access to expertise from Singtel’s Advanced Security Operations Centre (ASOC) frees up internal IT resources to focus on the core business.


Proactive monitoring

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Internet traffic is monitored 24x7 with behavioural analytics enriched by contextual intelligence to detect anomalies.

Rapid incident response

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Notification of a possible DDoS attack takes place within minutes and the incident is escalated for rapid threat mitigation.

Threat mitigation

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A scrubbing centre with access to multi-terabit capacity filters out malicious traffic and forwards only legitimate traffic to the enterprise router.

Up-to-date reports

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Attack updates and incident reports can be viewed on the SOC Portal. Updates are also emailed to stakeholders.

Joint exercises

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Joint DDoS incident readiness exercises are conducted to ensure operational integration between Singtel and the enterprise IT teams.

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