Next-generation capabilities that simplify your network environment

Singtel Liquid Infrastructure™ is a cloud-centric, software-driven network (SDN) automation platform that collects and analyses data from within the network, providing actionable insights. Complex networking is now simplified with its next-generation capabilities.

Actionable network intelligence

  • Deep visibility from the network and applications layers provides data-driven insights on network performance, fault management, and applications usage.
  • Our secure, unified network portal lets you make timely and informed decisions for better control over performance, bandwidth and security.

Services on-demand

  • On-demand network bandwidth scaling with flexible charging model enables you to respond faster to unpredictable conditions.
  • Add or remove services on-the-fly, scale or shrink connectivity and bandwidth dynamically, and streamline processes through our self-service provisioning portal.

Autonomous and data-driven

  • Always-on and secure, our intelligent self-optimising network detects congestion and outages on top of responding autonomously to changes.


Always responsive


Programmable network


Actionable insights


High availability with self-healing network


Richer ecosystem


Robust cloud integration