E-waste Recycling FAQs

What is the national e-waste recycling programme about?
The National Environment Agency (NEA) introduced a regulated e-waste management system that will ensure the proper collection and handling of e-waste and the extraction of valuable resources from e-waste. NEA appointed ALBA E-waste Smart Recycling Pte Ltd (ALBA) to manage the collection of regulated consumer electrical and electronic waste across Singapore for proper treatment and recycling.
Can I deposit my e-waste at Singtel Shops?
ALBA has deployed more than 550 bins across Singapore to collect a wide variety of e-waste. We have an ALBA bin at Singtel Shop Comcenter for your e-waste disposal. Otherwise, please click <a href="https://alba-ewaste.sg/drop-off-locations/">here</a> to find your nearest e-waste bin location.
What is Singtel’s involvement in the collection of regulated e-waste across Singapore?
We offer a one-for-one-take-back of regulated consumer electronic products. This means customers can bring their Singtel or non-Singtel branded products to our Self-Replacement Centres (+Serv @ Orchard Central, Tai Seng and Woodlands) for recycling when they collect a Singtel-branded product ordered.<br>We are also piloting e-waste collection at customers’ premises during installations. Customers can request to dispose of products, which our field engineer will collect during the appointment.
How does the one-for-one take-back of regulated consumer products work?
We will accept products of the same class or type and quantity as the supplied products E.g., a customer can hand an old router from Singtel or other brands to the staff at our counters for disposal.
Do you accept set-top boxes?
We do not accept any Singtel set-top boxes. Instead, please visit the following retention centres at our Singtel Shops for proper termination:<ul><li>Comcentre</li><li>Tampines Mall</li><li>Causeway Point</li><li>Jurong Point</li></ul><br>If you wish to dispose set-top boxes by another service provider, please check with your service provider first to ensure you do not need to return it to them.
What electronic products are accepted for one-for-one take-back?
We will accept products of the same class or type and quantity as the supplied products. The NEA regulated consumer products that fall under the class, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), and are accepted are:<ul><li> Router</li><li> Modem</li><li> Mobile phone and tablet</li></ul>
Can customers return products of other classes and types, and is there a limit to the number of products to be given? (To +Serv Self-Replacement Centres)
Customers can only give products of the same class but they can be of different types. While we practise a one-for-one-take-back scheme, there is no limit to the number of products to be returned, provided they fall under what is accepted (see point 6). E.g., when a customer visits any of our three Self-Replacement Centres, the customer can hand the counter staff the old router, as well as a modem and tablet.
Can customers return products of other classes and types, and is there a limit to the number of products to be given? (To Singtel field engineers)
There are limits to the amount of e-waste our field engineer can collect per trip, and we can only take in up to two units of e-waste. E.g., a customer can request to dispose a modem and mobile phone which our field engineer will collect. If you have additional e-waste you would like to dispose, please find your nearest ALBA collection bins <a href="https://alba-ewaste.sg/drop-off-locations/">here</a>.
Can customers return products of other brands?
Yes, customers can return products of other brands as long as the product is of the same class.
Will anyone be able to retrieve my product after it has been handed over by mistake?
We seek your understanding that we do not have authorisation to retrieve any product after it has been handed over to our Self-Replacement Centre(s) or field engineer. The products are handled by recycling vendors appointed by NEA under the national e-waste recycling scheme.

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