Why am I getting slow WiFi

With WiFi, data is transmitted wirelessly via radio waves over the air - which means you no longer need a physical cable connection to your router. However, wireless connections are also more prone to interference.

How can WiFi mesh help?

WiFi mesh can provide a better WiFi experience for all your devices - from mobile phones, laptops, smart TVs to gaming consoles - by increasing WiFi coverage and removing deadspots.

Suitable for homes of every size.

Choose from 1 pair of WiFi mesh for small homes and add on more nodes for larger homes.

Designed with security in mind

Security is of top-most importance for all our products. Singtel broadband devices are designed with security in mind and meet the basic security requirements. Our routers and meshes have achieved at least Level 1 Certification under the Singapore Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme. 

  • Be covered with in-built cyber security features on our wireless devices such as password randomisation and wireless access protection and encryption.
  • Stream and surf with peace of mind as our routers and access points automatically download the latest security patches and firmware.
  • Get prompt support from us if you encounter any vulnerability for your devices.

Which mesh is the best for your home?

Singtel Mesh Extender AC2600

  • AC dual-band with MIMO
  • Fast WiFi speeds with 4 in-built antennas
  • Ultra expandable with up to 6 units in a mesh network




per month with PayLater 24



Google Nest Wifi Router and Point

  • AC dual-band with MU-MIMO
  • Google Nest WiFi Points come with speaker and Google Assistant
  • Set up and manage your WiFi and smarthome with the Google Home App
  • Comes with a complimentary Google Nest Mini


per month with PayLater 24
(U.P. $19.00/mth)


Netgear Orbi RBK 752 Wi-Fi 6 Mesh AX4200

  • AX Tri-band with MU-MIMO
  • Ideal for multi-storey homes needing WiFi 6 speeds
  • Fast WiFi speeds with 6 in-built antennas





per month with PayLater 24



Askey WiFi Mesh

  • AC dual-band with MIMO
  • Ideal for medium-sized homes
  • Plug-and-play set up





per month with PayLater 24


WiFi Mesh FAQ

Do I have to connect to Singtel Fibre Broadband in order to use the WiFi Mesh devices?
You will be able to use the devices anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. However, you must be a Singtel Fibre Broadband subscriber to purchase the devices.
What are the minimum requirements for using WiFi Mesh?
You will require Broadband Internet access, a router and power supply to use the WiFi Mesh.
What is the minimum number of units required for WiFi Mesh?
A minimum of two units is required to set up the WiFi Mesh network. If you require additional units for more coverage, you may add on up to two more units.
Cost per additional unit (over 24 months)
- AirTies 4920 WiFi Mesh: $5/mth<br>- Askey WiFi Mesh: $5/mth<br>- AirTies 4930 WiFi Mesh: $7.50/mth<br>- Samsung Connect Home: $6/mth<br>- Netgear Orbi: $12/mth
Which Singtel-issued modem/RG/router is the WiFi Mesh compatible with?
The WiFi Mesh is compatible with Aztech 7000, 7002, 7003, 7009, AC Plus and AC Elite routers.
If I use routers which are not Singtel-issued, will the WiFi Mesh work?
Yes, it will work.
Do I need to plug the WiFi Mesh to a power outlet? How long is the power cable?
Yes, you have to plug the WiFi Mesh units to power outlets. The power cable is about 1.5 metres long.
How should I set up the WiFi Mesh?
AirTies and Askey WiFi Mesh come pre-paired right out of the box. Additional mesh nodes can be paired simply using the WPS button on the device or by using the AirTies WiFi or Askey WiFi Mesh App respectively. Samsung Connect Home and Netgear Orbi: Download the Samsung Connect app or Netgear Orbi app from Play Store/App Store and follow the instructions. Full instructions at <a href="https://tinyurl.com/y5dczj3j">Samsung Support</a> or <a href="https://tinyurl.com/y89cbou3">Netgear Support</a>.
Can I customise my network setting?
You can use the respective WiFi Mesh app available from the Play Store/App Store to manage your network settings.

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