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What is Singtel Music?
It’s a music service that allows all music lovers to stream and download their favourite songs via their favourite music apps, with none of the local data charges.
Who are our partner apps?
Our partner apps are Spotify, KKBOX, JioSaavn, TIDAL, Deezer and MeListen.
What benefits do I enjoy with a Singtel Music subscription?
You’ll enjoy a premium music account on either Spotify, KKBOX, JioSaavn, TIDAL or Deezer with unlimited ad free music streaming and downloads with none of the local data charges. You can also enjoy data waiver for streaming of radio stations on the MeListen app.
Who can subscribe to Singtel Music?
You can subscribe to Singtel Music if you are our existing Singtel Postpaid Mobile customer.If you’re not an existing Singtel Postpaid Mobile customer, please see our range of Postpaid Mobile plans <a href="https://www.singtel.com/personal/products-services/mobile/postpaid-plans">here</a>
Can Prepaid Mobile customers subscribe to Singtel Music?
Unfortunately, Singtel Music is only available to Singtel Postpaid Mobile customers. Singtel Prepaid Mobile customers can find out more about Hi!Music Plan <a href="https://www.singtel.com/personal/i/phones-plans/mobile/prepaid/hi-music" target="_blank">here</a>
How do I know if my subscription to Singtel Music is successful?
After you have subscribed, you will receive an SMS within one (1) working day. The SMS will include instructions on how to activate or link your selected premium music account(s) from Spotify/KKBOX/JioSaavn/TIDAL/Deezer with Singtel Music.
To what extent are the local data charges waived for Singtel Music?
All local mobile data charges for music streaming and downloads on your selected mobile app (Spotify/KKBOX/JioSaavn/TIDAL/Deezer/AMPed) are waived. It is not applicable to videos, live concerts, podcasts, images, articles, audio and banner advertisements. Data waiver for MeListen is limited to music listening on radio stations.Waiver for data charges is only applicable to the eligible postpaid mobile line(s) which you have used to sign up for Singtel Music.
If I am an existing Spotify/KKBOX/JioSaavn/TIDAL/Deezer premium subscriber but subscribed directly to one of these services, am I eligible for local data waiver?
To enjoy local data waiver, you will need to be a Singtel postpaid subscriber. Cancel your current credit card/in-app subscription before subscribing to a Spotify Premium, KKBOX Premium, JioSaavn Pro, TIDAL Premium, TIDAL HiFi, Deezer Premium or Deezer HiFi Music Account via Singtel Music. Link your existing account to Singtel Music in order to retain your existing playlists and songs.
How do I activate or link my selected premium music account?
You will receive an SMS after successful subscription of Singtel Music. Simply click on the link in the SMS and follow the steps to activate or link your selected premium music account.If you have an existing premium music account, you will be able to retain your existing playlist(s) even after linking your account. Please cancel any existing credit card or in-app subscription to avoid dual payment.
Is Singtel Music available for the student/family/corporate mobile plans that Singtel offers?
Can I subscribe to multiple premium music accounts with Singtel Music?
Yes, you can.For example, if you are already subscribed to Spotify Premium with Singtel Music, you can also subscribe to KKBOX Premium and/or Saavn Pro and/or TIDAL Premium and/or TIDAL HiFi and/or Deezer Premium and/or Deezer HiFi and/or AMPed Premium.However, you will not be able to subscribe to the same premium music account more than once.
Where can I subscribe to Singtel Music?
You can sign up via the following:<br/>- singtel.com/singtelmusic<br/>- singtel.com<br/>- singtel.com/myaccount<br/>- My Singtel app<br/>- any Singtel Shop
How can I pay for my Singtel Music subscription?
The subscription charges for Singtel Music will be included in your monthly Singtel bill.
How do I cancel my subscription to Singtel Music and what happens when I do so?
You can cancel your Singtel Music subscription via My Singtel app, our Singtel hotline 1688 or visit any Singtel Shop. If you are subscribed to a 12-month plan, there will be recovery charges applicable for cancelling your subscription before the contract’s end date. Upon cancellation, your premium account will immediately be reverted to a free account with limited access and the monthly subscription charge will not be pro-rated.
How do I use Spotify, KKBOX, Saavn, TIDAL, Deezer or AMPed?
Please refer to the FAQs on the individual websites of the respective mobile apps for more information<br/>- <a href="http://support.spotify.com" target="_blank">Spotify FAQ</a><br/>- <a href="http://help.kkbox.com/sg/en" target="_blank">KKBOX FAQ</a><br/>- <a href="http://help.saavn.com/support/home" target="_blank">Saavn Premium FAQ</a><br/>- <a href="https://support.tidal.com/hc/en-us" target="_blank">TIDAL FAQ</a><br/>- <a href="https://support.deezer.com/hc/en-gb">Deezer FAQ</a><br/>
Is the local data waiver applicable for other music apps?
Currently the local data charges waiver is only for Singtel Music partner apps. However, we are continuously working to get more partners on-board. Stay tuned!
Does the subscription for this premium music service cover data roaming fees when I am overseas? Can data charges be waived even when I am overseas?
Only local data charges are waived with Singtel Music. If you like to stream and download music while you are overseas, we would recommend that you sign up for one of our affordable DataRoam Saver Plans. Find out more <a href="http://singtel.com/dataroam">here</a>.
How might your data waiver for Singtel Music be affected?
Your data waiver for Singtel Music may be affected due to one or more of the following:<br/>- Any proxy-based app / VPN app on the phone that channels traffic away <br/>- The APN setting on your phone needs to be set to "e-ideas".<br/>- If you use a desktop version of any of the partners' service and tether to your phone, you will not be able to enjoy the data waiver as only the traffic from the mobile app receives this data waiver. <br/>- Jail broken phones may not be able to enjoy the data waiver.<br/>
Can you unlink a Spotify Premium/KKBOX Premium/Saavn Pro/TIDAL Premium/TIDAL HiFi/Deezer Premium/Deezer HiFi Music Account and link a different Spotify Premium/KKBOX Premium/Saavn Pro/TIDAL Premium/TIDAL HiFi/Deezer Premium/Deezer HiFi Music Account to Singtel Music?
No, once you've linked your existing premium music account to Singtel Music, you will not be able to change accounts midway. If you would like to link Singtel Music to another account, you'll have to discontinue your existing Singtel Music subscription, subscribe to Singtel Music again and link it to the other account that you've created. Please note that early termination charge applies with subscription to a Singtel Music 12-month contract.
What is Deezer HiFi?
Deezer HiFi is a music streaming service that allows you to discover and play all your favourite music in high-fidelity and lossless audio. Choose from millions of tracks and playlists, and get personalised recommendations from the Deezer editors. To deliver the best possible music experience, Deezer HiFi uses the Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) at a digital bitrate 5 times higher than standard mp3 quality (1,411 kbps vs. 320 kbps). Available with select sound systems and on the Deezer desktop app.
Why am I not able to activate my Spotify premium account?
You have to activate their Spotify Premium account using the URL from the activation SMS within 1 month from the date of subscription. If you are unable to activate your account, please call 1688 for assistance

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