Using Connected Things

How many circles can I create?
There is currently no limit to the number of circles you can create.
Choose to accept an invitation to a circle later?
You can accept the invitation later in Settings>Manage Invitations. Select it to join the circle.
What should do if I do not want to accept an invitation to a circle?
The invitation sent will be kept in Settings>Manage Invitations. You may choose to ignore it if you do not want to accept the invitation.
When will my location be shared with circle members?
You may choose to allow your location information to be shared to each of the members of the circle prior to accepting an invite.
How do I stop sharing my location?
You can use Privacy mode or stop location sharing with specific members of a circle.
Why do I see "Location is not currently available" for other members of the circle?
They have not accepted to share their location with you when you join the circle.
When is the location sharing of the dependent enabled in a circle?
It is when the dependent is added into the circle.
Can I locate a person who does not use the Singtel Connected Things app?
You can only locate a person if he/she has logged into the Singtel Connected Things app and in the same circle.
What will happen if I turn off the location for the app or stop sharing my location with a specific user?
The other users will see your last known location before you have turned off sharing.
How do I delete my chat history?
There's no option to clear the chat history. You may only Log Out / Log In from the app and the messages from individual chats will disappear. However all the group chat history will remain.

Location Services

How do I improve the accuracy of the location in my phone?
A location is determined by GPS, cellular or WiFi. Turning on WiFi may improve its location accuracy.
How is Singtel Connected Things using the phone’s battery for location services?
It tracks location in a passive mode upon a significant change in location and does not use GPS all the time, using minimal battery.
How much data will the Singtel Connected Things app consume for location services?
It consumes minimal data running on the background to periodically send location data. Data consumption may increase if you are sending media files.
How frequent is my location updated in the app?
Location updates from mobile phones vary across different devices from as low every few seconds to under an hour.
Can I use the Singtel Connected Things app overseas?
You need data connectivity to use the app. Some countries restrict Google/Apple maps and this will affect the location services.
My Location Service is disabled. What should I do?
iOS: <a target="_blank" href=""></a><br><br>Android: Tap Settings > Apps > App Permissions > Location and turn on for Singtel Connected Things.
How accurate is the location reported from the phone/devices on Singtel Connected Things app?
Locations displayed and reported by phone/devices are dependent on GPS and location data reported by the surrounding Wifi networks. There may be occasional location drift experienced given the crowded Wifi networks in Singapore.

Account Related

What should I do if I change my phone?
Download the Singtel Connected Things app into the new phone and log in with your Singtel OnePass credentials.
What should I do if I change my mobile number?
Singtel mobile customers may log in with the new number using the current OnePass password. Non-Singtel customers need to create a new OnePass ID for the new OnePass account.
How do I delete my account?
You may uninstall the app and your Singtel Connected Things account will be deleted automatically after 6 months. Alternatively, you may send in a request via Settings>Send Feedback.
Can I log in to the same account on another device?
You will be automatically logged out from the previous device and logged in on the new device.

App Issues

[iOS] How do I enable the app to update its location when the app is closed?
Go to phone Settings > Singtel Connected Things > enable ‘Background App Refresh’ and then relaunch the application.
[Android] How do I enable the app to update its location when the app is closed?
Go to the phone Settings > General> Background App Refresh and then relaunch the application.
[iOS] My notifications are disabled on my iOS device. How do I turn them on?
To turn Notifications on, go to device Settings > Singtel Connected Things > Notifications > turn on the Allow Notifications option and then relaunch the application.
[Android] Why am I unable to change my profile picture on the Android phone?
Go to Settings > 'Developer Option' > 'Don't keep activities'. If it is on, please turn it off.
[Huawei] How do I enable my phone to receive notifications?
Please follow this link: <a href=""></a>
[Xiaomi] How do I enable my phone to receive notifications?
Please follow this link: <a href=""></a>
If I have problems with the Singtel Connected Things app, who can I contact?
For issues related to the app, the customer may log a feedback using the "In-app Feedback/Report a bug feature". For issues related to the devices, you may call 1688 for help.

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