Mobile Voicemail FAQ


Why do I need to change my pin?
To better protect your VoiceMail account, we strongly encourage you to change your VoiceMail pin to one that is not easily identifiable.
Can I change my pin when calling from another service number?
No, you are only able to change pin on your own service number.

What is my mailbox number?
Your mailbox number is your 8-digit mobile number.
What number do I dial to access my mailbox?
Please dial 1389.
Can I deposit a Voicemail message while I’m roaming?
We do not recommend you to deposit a Voicemail message when you are roaming because of potential incompatibilities between the operators’ systems.
How can I access my Voicemail mailbox when I am overseas?
Please dial +65 96301389 to access your mailbox when you are overseas.<br>If you’re in Malaysia, please dial 02 96301389.<br>Please note that roaming charges apply.
How long will my Voicemail message be kept in my mailbox?
A Voicemail message will be kept in your mailbox for 7 days, after which the message will be automatically deleted.
Can I identify an incoming call made via the Call Return feature?
Yes. The number displayed on your mobile phone will be the caller’s mobile number.
Does the caller need to be a Singtel Mobile subscriber in order to leave a Voicemail?
Can I do a Call Return to a fixed line phone (e.g. PABX telephone)?
Will there be additional charges for Call Return?
No. You will however be charged for the airtime when accessing your voice messages and making phone calls.
Are there any local charges for Voicemail?
Charges apply for:<br><b>Airtime:</b><ul><li>You’re accessing your Voicemail mailbox and retrieving voice messages<li>Your callers start hearing the Voicemail announcement until they finish depositing a voice message (Callers are also charged airtime)<li>You utilise the Call Return feature and are connected/diverted to your recipient's Voicemail mailbox</ul><br><b>Call Forward:</b><ul><li>You’ll be charged for standard outgoing airtime on missed calls diverted to your Voicemail</ul>
Are there any roaming charges for Voicemail?
<b>Roaming charges apply when:</b><ul><li>You access and retrieve your voice messages from overseas<li>Your callers leave you a voice message when you are overseas</ul>
What will I hear after doing a Call Return, i.e. after pressing [#]?
You will hear a ringing tone. If the call is unsuccessful, there will be an announcement. When the call is terminated, the system will route you back to the Voicemail access menu.
Can a Call Return be made before the deposited message has finished playing?
Yes, you may press 0 at any time to go to the Call Return option. Press [#] when prompted.

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