Being involved in cyber bullying - whether as a victim or as those who are both bullies and victims of bullying - was associated with a higher level of reported self-harm, than reported by those not involved in cyber bullying.
Source: 2014 study by Singapore Children's Society (SCS) and Institute of Mental Health (IMH) involving more than 3,000 students aged between 12 and 17. 

Cyber wellness or responsible digital citizenship is a core part of Singtel’s community strategy.


The growth of smart devices and the pervasiveness of social media and internet enable people to stay in touch wherever they are with instant access to information. This however resulted in unintended consequences such as increased instances of cyber bullying, access to inappropriate content and digital addiction to mobile devices and gaming.


As a responsible corporate citizen and the market leader in digital and mobile technologies and services, the Singtel Group plays a significant role in creating empowered and responsible digital citizens who thrive in today’s world of technology.


We are committed to protecting and ensuring the well-being of all our stakeholders by:

  • arming digital consumers with the knowledge and behaviour they need to stay safe online, manage their digital footprint and protect their privacy in order to enjoy a positive online presence and experience;
  • promoting responsible internet use and create safer online communities, especially among the vulnerable segments of our community;
  • empowering people to use technology safely;
  • helping our enterprise customers better deal with cyber security issues in their business and protecting their customer and enterprise data; and
  • working with the Institutions of Higher Learning to help foster and develop relevant skills and curriculum in the area of cyber security.

We also seek opportunities to collaborate with like-minded partners in creating a safer cyber eco-system for the collective good of the communities and customers we serve.


Singtel wants to create greater awareness and education on cyber wellness and online safety through the Singtel Cyber Wellness Programme. We reach out to the general public through targeted initiatives designed for parents, children and other vulnerable segments of our community.