Flexible networks that bend to your needs

Data centre - Data centre

Connects your business to a network of major data centres in Hong Kong.

Data centre - Cloud

Private connections between data centres and leading cloud service providers.


Flexibility to build a cloud-centric network


An agile network that can be configured to changing business needs, with pre-established connections for easy access to major data centres and leading public cloud providers to support enterprises’ hybrid cloud strategies.

Greater network control


Centralised management with network visibility via a secure and intuitive portal that allows you to create and terminate connections on-the-fly, and scale bandwidth on-demand.

Actionable network intelligence


A future-ready network with telemetry, machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities to provide intelligence for actionable insights.

Cost efficiency


Usage-based billing allows your network spend to match your actual requirements. Single port for multiple access helps reduce equipment and recurring cost as compared to traditional networks.


Seamless and secure managed connectivity

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Access to key data centres in Hong Kong and leading public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Alibaba cloud.

Superior network performance


High performance and low latency Ethernet network delivers high availability and stable connection.

Centralised network management


Centralised management through a secure web portal that allows network changes to be made anytime, from anywhere, via any device.

Rapid provisioning

rapid provisioning

Add and remove connections with network changes effected within minutes to cater for demanding needs.

Bandwidth flexibility


On-demand and recurrent bandwidth upgrades can be scheduled to cater for short-term or regular data transfer needs.

Flexible terms

flexible terms

Usage-based billing allows your network spend to match your actual requirements, improving cost efficiency.

Compared with traditional connectivity

Why Singtel

Local presence, global capabilities

Leverage our service-rich eco-system covering Asia. Use our global expertise to design, deliver and manage your network from end-to-end.

Peace of mind

Our infrastructure is engineered for the high availability demands of mission-critical applications, and is monitored and maintained by a strong team of certified professionals 24x7.

One-stop provider

Leading network with strong local knowledge and presence to deliver end-to-end ICT services.

Be an Alliance Partner and realise new opportunities in the cloud era

Expand your cloud portfolio

Cloud network

Add software-defined, private cloud connectivity that leverages Singtel’s award-winning infrastructure to your business portfolio.

Increase your revenue


Create new business models, offer your clients new products and receive a guaranteed margin.

Planning and sales support


Dedicated support for joint marketing activities, as well as pre- and post-sales teams.

Accelerate your skills and capabilities


We will help to update and upskill your team with regular product and technical trainings.

Access our marketing resources

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Gain access to our sales and marketing support resources.

Enhanced brand equity


Take advantage of the market’s awareness and demand for Singtel connectivity services.