Overcome unpredictability and run mission critical workloads with peace of mind

Choose from a wide range of Internet options and speeds from our Liquid-X portfolio to connect to 180 countries.


Greater visibility and predictable Internet performance


Make better decision in choosing the right Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in key countries, with network performance data available in the portal.

Assurance and peace of mind


Business-grade Internet that suits enterprise networking needs, backed by SLAs on availability and time-to-repair for both DIA and broadband access plans.

Flexible deployment


Transit to hybrid network for guaranteed performance for prioritised and cloud traffic, with on-demand charging scheme.

Hassle-free service experience


Enjoy a hassle-free experience with one contract through a single provider.


Actionable insights


Real-time network traffic path visibility across the Internet, enables enterprises to make sound decisions to choose the right Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to build a better WAN network with greater transparency.

Optimised Internet performance


Optimise Internet performance through Singtel global backbone with key ISPs, offering predictable routing to achieve optimal performance for customer WAN network and access to Public Cloud.

Boost private networking over Internet


Resolve intermittent Internet middle mile issues with an option to route Internet traffic to Singtel private network through in-country remote VPN gateways.

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