High availability


Supported by a resilient and protected global core network; predictable low latency and minimal hops between routes.

Up to to 99.99% service availability


Service level agreements cover on-time service provisioning, network packet delivery, and network transit delay (latency).

Unparalleled customer support


24x7 Singtel helpdesk and network operations centre (NOC); web-based utilisation reports, retrievable at any time of the day.


Global reach


Expansive global backbone capacity with extensive connections to major Internet transit and content providers in Asia, Oceania, US and Europe.

Quality peering with Tier-One carriers


Private network arrangements with incumbent carriers and ISPs in the Asia-Pacific; connectivity to Tier-One networks and major content providers worldwide.

Network diversity


Leverage our cable infrastructure, including APCN2, C2C, i2i, SEA-ME-WE 5, SEA-ME-WE 4, Southeast Asia Japan Cable (SJC), FASTER, Unity, and Japan-US cable network for diversity.

Quick access

Singtel Looking Glass - Access our portal to check the latency from any IP Transit point-of-presence to anywhere on the internet.

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