Optimised routing


Enhances network performance and accelerates access to cloud applications cloud applications backed by quality service-level assurance (SLA) rebate scheme.

Proactive 24/7 technical support


Be notified of network issues. Troubleshooting starts even before fault is reported.

Enhanced resiliency

enhanced resiliency

Maximum operational uptime with dual fibre protection to reduce potential impact of network failure.


Global reach


More than 550Gbps of Internet backbone capacity across Singapore, US, Europe and regional ASEAN countries.

100% service availability


Maximum operational uptime with dual fibre protection to reduce impact in the event of a network failure.

High scalability


Scalable up to 1Gbps to respond quickly to high network demand.

Online portal


Single-point access to network performance, usage reporting and utilisation for capacity planning.

Support for IPv4/IPv6


Meet complex network requirements and future-proof your network with dual-stack IP protocols.

Network diversity


Wide selection of diversity options to suit varying resiliency needs.

How it works

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