Reap the benefits of secure cloud operations without the complexity

The cloud's open and dynamic environment calls for a good defence system, one that provides clear threat visibility, and the ability to navigate and defend against a rapidly changing threat landscape.

Ensuring cloud security demands significant resources, expertise and time. Singtel integrates network and security into one solution as a single vendor, offering comprehensive, cloud-native security services that harness cutting-edge technologies and world-class expertise. Tap into Singtel’s partnership with top cloud providers to ensure your multi-cloud setups are efficient, secure, and primed for success.

Get insights from Frost & Sullivan analysts on the importance of streamlining workflows for enhanced cloud security.

Secure every stage of your cloud journey

Assess, transform and adapt

Improve your cloud security strategy with specialised cyber awareness and training programmes, advisory consulting and comprehensive cloud diagnostic services.

Monitor and protect

Protect your multi-cloud environments with the right mix of seamless, well-integrated security solutions.

Detect and respond

Fight threats effectively with comprehensive threat intelligence, advanced security automation tools and proactive threat hunting by our elite cyber security team, backed by our full suite of Managed Security Services.

Navigate your journey to the cloud securely

Ensure ongoing protection specific to your business needs with effective security programmes designed by Singtel Cyber Security.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Tap on our expertise in selecting and deploying the right technologies and tools to support the implementation of your security programme. Optimise security investments or augment existing resources through our flexible service delivery model.

Experienced security partner

Rely on a security industry leader with over 20 years of industry experience and a proven track record of meeting customers’ cloud security needs and compliance goals.

Flexible service delivery

Partner with us to design a cloud security solution tailored to your business, or augment the security of your existing set-up – whether it is on premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.

24/7 threat monitoring & detection

Achieve wider visibility of threats across different environments and faster breach detection with advanced technologies and skilled experts.

Existing investment protection

Maximise security investments with Security Technology Management for existing and new deployments.

Rapid response

Access the support you need when you need it – investigate an incident within hours and schedule a penetration test at your convenience.

Fortify your defences with cloud-centric converged security

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