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Can I trade in my mobile device online?
<p>Yes, as long as it's in good working condition and comes with its original battery, charger and accompanying accessories. Before you check out, click on 'Trade in your phone' to see the trade-in value. This will be used to offset the cost of your new phone purchase.</p>Note:<ul><li>Trade-in is only available for the Delivery option<li>All information must be deleted by performing a factory reset<li>There must be no cosmetic damage, e.g. scratches on screen or missing parts</ul>
Can I make changes to my order?
We’re unable to change or cancel your order once it is confirmed. Please ensure that your order details are correct before proceeding with payment.
What are the available payment methods?
We accept payment by eNETS, credit or debit card. All prices displayed are in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and inclusive of GST.
How do I apply a promo code?
View this <a href="https://www.singtel.com/content/dam/singtel/eshop/promoengineemail/tnc/stepbystepguide-redeempromocode.pdf"/>step-by-step guide</a> to redeeming your promo code.

Delivery & Collection

What do I need to prepare for my delivery?
<b>(For purchase with Mobile plan)</b><br>Upon delivery, you will need to be present with your original NRIC/FIN or log into your Singpass account in the presence of the courier and present your Singpass digital NRIC/FIN for verification.<br><br><b>(For purchase of device and/or accessories only)</b><br>Upon delivery, you will only need to be present to receive your purchase. Please note that our delivery partner will never ask for a photocopy or photograph of your NRIC/FIN.
What happens if I can’t be present to receive my purchase? (For purchases with mobile plan)
You can authorise someone else who is at least 21 years of age to receive it on your behalf.</p> For verification purposes, they will need: <ul><li>Your original NRIC/FIN<li>Original NRIC/FIN of the authorised party. They may also log into their Singpass account in the presence of the courier and present their Singpass digital NRIC/FIN for verification.<li><a href="https://help.singtel.com/3aCbX7K">Authorisation letter</a> signed by you.</ul>
What happens if I miss the delivery?
<p>If the first delivery attempt is unsuccessful, our delivery partner will provide follow-up instructions and you can contact them to arrange for a re-delivery for free. </p><br><p>Subsequent re-deliveries are subject to a $15 (inclusive of GST) re-delivery fee. This will be collected by our delivery partner when you receive your purchase.</p>
When will I receive my One-Time Pin (OTP) for POPStation collection?
<p><b>Self-collection (Regular)</b></p><p>Between 2–6pm of your collection date, you will receive the locker number and OTP via SMS and email. Please head to your selected POPStation only after you’ve received this.</p><br><p><b>Collect Now</b></p><p>You will receive the locker number and OTP via SMS and email shortly after your purchase. For further assistance, please call 1688.</p>
I want to purchase a phone with Mobile plan. What are the available delivery options?
<p>You can receive your online purchase through these options:</p><ul><p><li>Delivery to your preferred address </li></p><p><li>Collect Now – Immediate collection from selected POPStations</li></p><p><li>Self-collection (Regular) – Pick up from your preferred POPStation or Singtel Shops <b>(Existing Singtel Customers only)</b></li></p></ul><p>Please note that the delivery method cannot be changed once your order is confirmed. </p>
I only want to purchase a mobile device and/or accessories. What are the available delivery options?
<p>You can receive your online purchase through these options:</p><ul><p><li>Delivery to your preferred address</li></p><p><li>Self-collection at your preferred POPStation</li></p></ul><p>Please note that the delivery method cannot be changed once your order is confirmed.</p>
Can I have my purchases delivered outside of Singapore?
We apologise that international shipping is unavailable at the moment.

SIM Card Activation

I just recontracted my mobile line. How do I activate my SIM Card?
Follow these steps to activate your SIM Card: <ol><li>Dial 6220 1011 (Available 24 hours)<li>Key in details as prompted</ul><br><br><p>Within an hour, your new SIM card will be activated.</p>Please activate your SIM card within 7 days after receiving it.
Where can I find the IMSI number on my SIM Card?
<p>Your IMSI number is a set of 15 digits that can be found at the back of your SIM card.</p>


How do I sign up for a Singtel plan while retaining my existing mobile number from another local service provider?
<p>When signing up for a postpaid mobile plan at Singtelshop.com or at any Singtel Shop, you can opt to retain your existing mobile number when prompted to choose a number.</p><p>You may experience a service disruption on the day of the port-in, however Singtel will try to minimize the inconvenience by only provisioning the port-in during off-peak hours. An SMS notification will be sent to inform you of the date of your port-in.</p>
When can I recontract my plan?
<a id="r-96" class="spacer-top line-button button light round registrationButton" tabindex="11" href="https://www.singtel.com/personal/support/recontract-eligibility/msta" target="_self">Get started</a>
How do I check what Singtel vouchers I have?
<p><a id="r-96" class="spacer-top line-button button light round registrationButton" tabindex="11" href="https://www.singtel.com/personal/support/account-billing/rewards/singtel-vouchers/msta" target="_self">Get started</a></p>
How do I change/reset my OnePass password?
Visit <a href="https://onepass.singtel.com/ssoselfservice/flowToForgotPassword.action"/>Reset OnePass Password</a> to change or reset your OnePass password.
How do I check my scheduled installation timing?
<p>At <a href="https://www.singtel.com/personal/my-account/orders-appointments/check-appointment">Check your Singtel Appointment</a>, you can check the details of your installation appointment. Your assigned engineer details will also be available on the day of your appointment.</p>
How can I change my installation appointment?
<p>You can change your Singtel installation appointment at <a href="https://www.singtel.com/personal/my-account"/>My Account</a> (under ‘My Appointments’).</p><p>Appointment changes can only be made at least 2 days before your appointment.</p><p>For change of NetLink Trust appointments, please call 1688.</p>
I am an existing Multi-SIM customer. How can I recontract online?
<p>If you're subscribed to Multi-SIM, you'll be able to recontract to <b>Singtel Combo</b> plans online. SIM Card charges will apply if you choose to receive a new SIM Card during checkout.</p><br><p>To assign your new SIM Card as your Master SIM, dial <b>*141#</b>.</p>

Singtel Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS)

I don’t have a corporate email address, or cannot receive external emails. How can I enjoy the online offers?
You may call us at 1609 between 9am to 9pm daily.
I don't see the CIS discount while I'm ordering online. Where can I find it?
If applicable, the handset discount will be automatically applied at the checkout page, after you have logged in to OnePass.
I am unable to submit my order. How should I proceed?
<p>Please clear your cache and cookies on your browser before <a href="https://www.singtel.com/personal/products-services/mobile/cis"/>trying to re-login on our CIS online shop</a>.</p><br><p>If that didn't work, call us at 1688 and we'll check for you.</p>

Returns & Exchange

What can I do if my purchase is faulty or damaged?
<p>You can arrange for a 1-1 exchange (except Prepaid SIM cards, Apple and Beats products, earpieces and screen protectors). All return and exchange requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis.</p> <p>For phones purchased online and:</p> <p><ul><li>Have not been switched on; call 1688 within 7 days of receiving your purchase</li></p> <p><li>Have been switched on; take your phone to its authorised <a href="https://www.singtel.com/store-locator"/>Equipment Service Centre</a></li></p></ul>
How can I return or exchange my Prepaid SIM card, earpiece or screen protector?
<p>For Prepaid SIM card purchases, please contact our hi!Card Customer Service at 1800 4822800 or g-hicard@Singtel.com (available daily from 8am to 8pm). </p><br><p>Due to hygiene reasons, all earpieces are not eligible for a 1-1 exchange with Singtel. For more information on the product’s return policy, please contact the product manufacturer directly.</p><br><p>We regret that screen protectors cannot be returned or exchanged.</p>

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