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What is Singtel OnePass?
Singtel OnePass is the single login ID you need to manage all your Singtel services on My Account and My Singtel app. With a OnePass account, you will also be able to check and pay your bills on the go, redeem deals and rewards, shop online, update your billing address, and more.
How do I register for Singtel OnePass?
You can <a href="">create a OnePass account</a> using a mobile number or email address.
Can I create more than one account?
Each user can only create one OnePass account under their NRIC/FIN. The good news is that all your services can be linked to that one account for greater convenience!
Can I sign up for a OnePass account if I am not a Singtel customer?
Yes you can. However, only some online services are available to non-Singtel customers. Access to more features will become available when you sign up for one or more Singtel services.
I tried registering for OnePass but it seems that my email address is already in use. What should I do next?
It is likely that a OnePass account was already created for you. Your OnePass ID can be either your mobile number or email address. If you can’t remember your password, we can help <a href="">reset it</a> for you.
I have just terminated my Singtel services. Can I still log in to view my last bill?
Most definitely. You can still log in with OnePass to view your latest bill online for up to 90 days from the date of billing.
How can I delete or close my OnePass account?
If you no longer have any services with us or have use for your OnePass account, please call our support team at 1688 and they will help with the deletion of your account.

Logging In

How do I log in with OnePass?
Simply enter the email address that you used to create your OnePass account, or the mobile number that you’ve linked to your account together with your password.
I used to only need my OnePass ID and password to log in. Why do I need to add a mobile number now?
As part of our ongoing efforts to bring you a more secure login experience, we have added multi-factor authentication to all OnePass accounts. To protect your account against unauthorised use, we ask for a valid mobile number to ensure that access is given to the right user.<br><br>Once verified, this mobile number will also be updated in your OnePass profile. It can be any number that you use frequently and will only be used for login, authentication, and password recovery.
Why do I need to enter an OTP when I log in?
This additional authentication step will safeguard your account against unauthorised access.<br><br>As such, we will need to verify your identity with an OTP that is sent to the mobile number by SMS/email address used as your OnePass ID.<br><br>OTP login verification will be implemented on <a href=""/>My Account</a> from 3 Dec 2020 onwards, and on <a href=""/>My Singtel app</a> progressively in December 2020.
How can I use a different mobile number to receive my SMS OTP?
Make sure that the mobile number currently listed in your OnePass account is still in service. You will need to <a href="">log in with OnePass</a> and verify your identity once more with an OTP before you can change your mobile number.<br><br>Once successfully updated, the new mobile number will be used for subsequent login, authentication, and password recovery.
Why did I receive an email telling me that my OnePass account is locked?
You may have received this email as a result of five (5) unsuccessful login attempts on your account. If it wasn’t you trying to log in, please <a href="">reset and change your password</a> to secure your account.<br><br>To create a strong password, use a combination of numbers, upper and lower case letters, e.g. LearnttoRIDEabikeat5.
What happens if my mobile phone is lost or stolen?
Visit us at any <a href="">Singtel Shop</a> or call us at 1688 (+65 6235 1688 if you’re calling from overseas) immediately. To prevent unauthorised usage, our colleagues will help to temporarily disconnect your mobile line. You can pick up a replacement SIM card at the shop within 30 days.
What is Singpass login and how does it work?
It's an alternative method that lets you log in to your OnePass account without having to manually enter your OnePass ID and password.<br><br>On Desktop:<br>Select the <b>Singpass</b> tab and scan the QR code with Singpass Mobile app— available on <a href="">App Store</a> and <a href="">Play Store</a>.<br><br>On Mobile:<br>Tap the QR code to open Singpass Mobile app.
I’m an existing Singtel customer. Why can’t I use Singpass login?
To use Singpass login, you will need to: <ul><li>Have at least one Singtel bill registered under your NRIC/FIN<li>Already have a registered OnePass account<li>Have verified and linked a Singtel postpaid service to your OnePass account</ul><br>To link a Singtel postpaid service, <a href="">log in</a> to complete the verification by providing your mobile number, Singnet ID, or Singtel bill account number.
Will Singpass login be replacing the Singtel OnePass login?
No, you can still log in with your OnePass ID and password. The Singpass login method is simply an alternative option we provide for your added convenience.
Can I log in with my Singpass ID and password instead of scanning the Singpass QR code?
Unfortunately, you can only do so by scanning the QR code with the Singpass Mobile app.
What personal information is shared with Singtel when I use Singpass login?
Singpass will only be used to verify your identity during the login process. If any personal information is required, you will be asked for your consent—which will need to be given before any details are shared.

Trusted Devices (on My Singtel App)

What is a Trusted Device?
A Trusted Device is a device that you usually use to log in to your OnePass account on My Singtel app. This can be a mobile phone that we recognise and use to quickly verify your identity or notify you of any suspicious account activity.
How do I add or remove a Trusted Device?
To add a new Trusted Device, log in to <a href="">My Singtel app</a> on that device with your OnePass ID and password, let us verify your identity once, then tap <b>Add device.</b><br><br>To remove or manage your list of Trusted Devices, go to <b>More > Security and login.</b> You can add up to 10 devices, but keeping the list to only the ones you use regularly would be good practice.
Why should I add a Trusted Device?
<ul><li><b>For account security:</b> Adding a device to your list of Trusted Devices will ensure that only you have the rightful access to your account, even if someone else has your password.<br><br><li><b>For greater convenience:</b> After adding a device to your list of Trusted Devices, you will no longer need to verify your identity for subsequent logins on that device. </ul>
What should I do when I see a device that I don’t recognise on my list of Trusted Devices?
If you recently reset a Trusted Device to its factory settings or switched to using a new or different device, your previously-added Trusted Device may still be on this list.<br><br>To remove a device you don’t recognise on My Singtel app, go to <b>More > Security and login</b>, select and remove it from your Trusted Devices list.
Why have all my devices been removed from my Trusted Devices list?
You may have recently changed your OnePass password. To protect your account, doing so will automatically remove all Trusted Devices from your account.


How can I change the mobile number and/or email address that are linked to my OnePass account?
You may wish to <a href="">chat with us</a> on Whatsapp to change the mobile number and/or email address that are linked to your OnePass account.
How do I reset my OnePass password?
<a href="">Enter your OnePass ID</a> and we’ll send you a link to reset and change your password.
Why should I link my mobile number to OnePass?
While not necessary, it might be helpful to use a OnePass ID that is easy to remember, such as a mobile number that you frequently use. This will enable multi-factor authentication and help safeguard your account against unauthorised access with additional authentication options.
I incorrectly entered my OnePass password a few times and was redirected to the reset password page. What can I do?
As a security precaution, your OnePass account will be locked after five (5) unsuccessful login attempts. To access your account, follow the instructions on the page and reset your password.
Why do I encounter the error “Enter a new password that you have not used previously.” when I try to change my password?
As part of the measures we take to secure your OnePass account, we have introduced a password policy that discourages the use of previous passwords. To continue, choose a password that you’ve never used before.
How will I know if I have a OnePass account?
Try <a href="">registering for OnePass</a>. If you encounter the error ‘NRIC/FIN already exists in system.’, then you would already have an existing account linked to your NRIC/FIN.
I can’t remember my OnePass ID. How can I find it?
Your OnePass ID can be either your mobile number or email address. Try logging in with one that you frequently use. If that still doesn’t work, <a href="">chat with us</a> on WhatsApp for more assistance.
Why am I not receiving any activation emails after my registration is complete?
The activation email should reach you in a few minutes, depending on the network speed of your email platform. You may also want to check your spam or junk mail folder. Alternatively, <a href="">log in with OnePass</a> and check that your email address is correct before requesting a resend of the activation email.


How do I keep my OnePass account safe and secure?
<ul><li>Use a strong password that contains between eight (8) and twenty (20) characters comprising upper and lowercase letters, and at least one (1) number.<li><a href="/faq/support/onepass/onepasssecure">Change your password</a> on a regular basis and create one that is not easy for others to guess.<li>Before you log in, check that your connection to the site is secure by looking for a lock icon on your browser's address bar.</ul>
What are some characteristics or examples of scams?
If you received a suspicious message telling you that your account had been compromised, or that your password was reset but you don't remember doing so, or encounter someone claiming to be from Singtel and asking for your account name and password, it is most likely a scam.
How can I protect myself against phishing and other scams?
<ul><li>Add a mobile number that you frequently use to your OnePass account. This will enable multi-factor authentication and increase security<li>Think twice before sharing passwords and sensitive personal information with anyone, including family and friends<li>Do not open suspicious links or install any software when asked<li>Delete suspicious emails and be wary of messages/phone calls from unfamiliar numbers<li>Reach us at 1688 if you need to verify a request or other information</ul>

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