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I used to be able to log in to my Singnet email account with just my Singnet ID and password. Why is there a need for a mobile number now?
As part of our ongoing efforts to bring you a more secure login experience and safeguard your personal data, we have enhanced our security log-ins and added multi-factor authentication to the SingNet Email portal. To protect your account against unauthorised use, a valid mobile number is required to ensure that access is given only to the rightful owner of the account.
Is there another way for me to verify my identity other than an SMS OTP?
You may also verify your login via an email OTP if you have already listed an alternative email in the SingNet portal.
I did not set up an alternative email on the SingNet portal, and have also not included a mobile number for verification. How can I verify my login now?
If you have an existing Singtel OnePass ID, please go to your <a href="">OnePass account</a> and follow these steps.<ul><li>Log in and click "Link other services to your OnePass account"<li>Select "Singnet Broadband E-mail".</ul>Make sure that you have also registered a "Login Mobile Number" as it will be used for SMS OTP verification.
What can I do if I don’t have an existing OnePass ID?
If you do not have an existing OnePass ID, you can create one using your NRIC or FIN. Please provide a non-SingNet email as your email ID to ensure you have an alternative email for OTP verification and to reset your password in case you forget it.<br><br>The mobile login number can be any number you use frequently and will only be used for login, authentication, and password recovery.<br><br>This applies to both Consumer and Business SingNet email users.

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